09 Expert Tips For Moving House Without A Hassle

09 Expert Tips For Moving House Without A Hassle

Moving house! Do you have a plan? Well, you should have it planned a week before the moving day. This post contains expert tips to help you in a hassle-free moving house.

Indeed, moving house comes with much stress. The stress of packing and unpacking, and much more. Honestly, no one wants to go through that jarring phase. But, what if you have to? You do not have to worry as we have expert tips right here. In addition, you may hire professionals to sort things for you. However, moving home electricity companies will only help you in loading your belongings. So, act as a smart planner and follow the tips below:

  1. Start with preplanning
  2. Do a full proof decluttering
  3. Go and get the best boxes
  4. Label the packaging
  5. Secure your furniture and lamps
  6. Keep your essentials close to you
  7. File up your bills and important documents
  8. Prepare simple meals for the move
  9. Leave a neat place for the new owners
  1. Start with preplanning:

Preplanning is the best key in most situations. The experts advise you to give yourself at least four weeks before the moving day. Furthermore, they don’t even count the last week into preplanning. Start by arranging the moving company and the things you need while moving, which includes boxes, tapes, formic sheets and more.  

  1. Do a full proof decluttering:

Planning time over! Now it’s the time for some action. Start by decluttering your clothes, shoes, and other belongings. Moving home is the best time to get rid of extra stuff in your cupboards. Ask yourself the value of what you have and what you no longer need. Also, involve your kids to make them experience the little joys of life.

  1. Go and get the best boxes:

The next tip is to get the best quality boxes for packing fragile stuff. The bottom of a moving box should always be solid to prevent anything from falling or tearing. According to experts, a cardboard box works better than plastic tubs, which can break and leave sharp edges.

  1. Label the packaging:

Packing should follow the weight of the object. So, do not involve your kids in packing sensitive or sharp things. When you are done with packing, it’s time to label the boxes so that the loaders know what needs more care.

  1. Secure your furniture and lamps:

Now you have all the packing gear, right! After packing your kitchen and cupboard items, consider your furniture. Your furniture is the next most delicate thing to secure with packaging. So, secure your side lamps and a firm box and pack your wooden pieces. For instance, cover your sofas and chairs before moving. Moving home companies such as move-in connect take great care of your stuff while moving.

  1. Keep your essentials close to you:

Prepare a bag or box up your essentials. It is the best approach to a hassle-free moving day. So, pack your toothbrush, soap, phone charger, medication, and other things in a bag two days before moving and keep it close to you. And don’t forget to keep your kid’s favorite toys near you.

  1. File up your bills and important documents:

Many people unconsciously ignore their documents while moving. Keep in mind that these things can be crucial in the future. So, file your important documents three days before moving house and hand them over to a responsible person.

  1. Prepare simple meals for the move:

Grocery is complex around the moving day. So, prepare small and simple snacks for your family a day before moving. You are probably moving in the daytime. So, prepare a simple dinner and keep some beverages, water, and a napkin in the bag.

  1. Leave a neat place for the new owners:

You should always leave a good impression behind. After packing and loading, leave a clean place for the new owners. Or leave a welcoming note.


Let’s review the checklist for you! Preplan it, get the boxes, pack and label everything carefully. Then prepare a bag of essentials and file your important documents for ease. Take care of the kids and furniture while moving. Finally, schedule a straightforward dinner and leave a clean place for the new owners.


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