10 Best Slumber Party Theme Ideas


There is a slumber party! And we can feel how excited you are. You and your buddies are anticipating a fun-filled overnight party. But hold on, have you decided on the theme for your sleepover yet?

If you haven’t already, we’ve provided the top ten (10) finest slumber party theme ideas in this article, all of which are captivating enough to record all your memorable sleepover experiences.

Top 10 Finest Slumber Party Ideas

1. Vintage

For the only reason that no one else can understand this topic better and has experienced different stages of life, this slumber party theme is especially dedicated to adults.

The topic of vintage is vast; hence, you can select a specific theme within it. Let’s take the example of choosing the “Great Gatsby- a Classic Vintage” theme, which includes Hollywood and glitz.

Thus, if you are looking for adult slumber party themes, you can choose an era that thrills you the most, keeping in mind the proper decorations that would be required for the same as Vintage demands a lot of decorations like fedoras, feather boas, and centerpieces.

2.Barbie doll

The people taking part in it are just as adorable as it sounds. This slumber party theme is dedicated to all the young toddlers out there. A Barbie Doll slumber party theme is a must-try choice if your little girl enjoys dressing up.

After everyone’s nails are done, play with the Barbie doll “guests” for a while, munching on your favorite heart-shaped cookies. Barbie accessories and miniature nail paint bottles are acceptable party favors. This could be counted as the best kid’s slumber party in Mississauga.


It’s October and there is a slumber party too. We cannot think of a better theme than this- Halloween. This suits the slumber party themes for adults as well as kids.

You can instruct the participants to show up in witch and wizard attire, and your décor has to be gloomy or black. Your environment would look wonderful with glittery skulls, cobwebs, spiders, dripping candles, ravens, gourds, and skeletons.

If it is for kids, you can arrange for games like Frankenstein Bowling, Game of Marshmallow Toss, and Donut Eating Race.

4.Jungle Party

All youngsters will like a jungle theme since they adore the zoo’s friendly animals and want to take them home. This style of sleepover party has a ton of colorful invitations, entertaining animal activities, and some very delectable party fare.

You can instruct everyone to dress as their preferred animal. Signs that read “Danger” and “Beware” can be placed to adorn the area. However, you can also include this theme in the list of slumber party themes for adults.

5.Gaming theme

The gaming theme slumber party idea is an absolute fit for a sleepover party in Mississauga. Whether it’s a girl or a boy slumber party, the game theme will surely be the most loved theme chosen by you for your friends.

Besides, you can place fun games for all your friends. Board games like Wingspan, Scrabble, Catan, The Blokus, and Ride the Bus are a few.

6.Musical theme

Everyone loves music, and musicians are no exception! Your friends will undoubtedly enjoy a slumber party in Mississauga if you choose to incorporate such ideas. Applying the proper décor to make your party meet the amusing topic is the first step in hosting a slumber party with music as the subject.

This, however, demands a lot of decorations beforehand. To assist, you can place a stage, a few posters, photo backdrops, disco lights, and balls.


This party that has a tropical theme will transport you to the jungle. With exotic plush animals, artificial palm trees, and jungle music, you can transform your living room into a tropical rainforest.

Create a tropical gaming night! This theme could be so much fun if you make a Bay Breeze or a Mai Tai beverage and play games like Bunco and Bingo. A tropical table setting is ideal for the party.

8.Neon lights

It’s a slumber party and what if there are neon lights that glow in the dark to make the party go dazzling. Yes, neon lights would be the best option as your next slumber party theme.

Neon-colored party decorations, attire, and other accessories are employed, and they all glow brilliantly when exposed to UV black lights, attracting the attention of partygoers. A glow-in-the-dark party is another name for such a party.


Clowns in the town to make you giggle and laugh, the circus or the fun fair theme could bring a smile to all. You might need the following things to make your party fun- the circus play tent, clown noses in red, boxes of Barnums animal crackers, a striped red and white tablecloth, and background for a circus photo booth.

A circus, as we know, is a unique form of entertainment that both kids and adults can enjoy, so make sure that your slumber party is equally enjoyable.



A slumber party theme is a fantastic way to tie all the components of your overnight together and keep them all cohesive. It’s also a chance to inject some fun into the celebrations and use your imagination to come up with unique ideas for design, entertainment, and other aspects.

At Glamp In Style Slumber Party, we offer unique and memorable experiences for your child and guests. We create a glamorous and fun space for kids to hang out, watch a movie, engage in board games and maybe sleep!

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