10 Do’s and Don’ts of creating a web content


Writing content for the website is a trickier task than writing any general blog. Because every website has its own specific and unique audience. That is why it is vital to know their level of understanding and write accordingly. It is mandatory to focus on what your website readers want from you.

You can also create content according to the questions your readers ask frequently. By doing this you can get fresh content for your website and at the same time can address the queries of your readers.

There are a few basic things that you must be aware of if you are going to create content for your website. For this purpose, you need to read this blog thoroughly to become well aware of the dos and don’ts of web content creation.

DOs of web content creation

Create an outline

It is necessary to stay organized. While writing you can stay organized by creating an outline. It helps to collect ideas all together in a paper that are in your mind and determine the dimension of your writing like what you will include in your content.

Use conversational tone

Visitors like that type of content which is seemingly more conversational as compared to the one which sounds robotic or copied from any book or dictionary. Visitors would like to shape a personal connection with you and your business just because of your conversational tone, they might go with CTAs options.

Break your text

In order to make your text fascinating, and readable it is advised to utilize numbers, bullet points, and headers in your content piece. It will break it and will seem interesting.

Use proper CTA

CTAs can be also considered as an invitation for direct communication. If you want to turn your site visitors into potential customers then it is necessary to add CTA to give them a chance to communicate with you properly.

Analyze each page’s goal

A website has numerous pages. It is vital to carefully add relevant content to the page. If you want your site visitors to buy products and services from you then it is essential that you must know the goal of each and every page.

DON’Ts of web content creation

Never copy other’s content

Providing copied content is considered unethical and is really discouraging. In case you add plagiarized content on your site then there is a chance that it will get a penalty and you would have to stop all your web-related operations just because of it.

Don’t use anchor text with a lame approach

You need to understand the above statement. In order to make the website visitors click on the link, you need to add captivating and descriptive anchor text to make the reader click on it, instead of just writing click here.

Don’t use others images

You should know that a person can sue you if you use any random image without taking permission from someone who owns it. To avoid this, use websites that provide stock images for free. Most of them are in high definition.

Don’t over-promote your business

Balance is important while content promotion. It is essential to provide content that has authentic details about your business. If for the sake of promotion you add such details that are not actually present then it will question your business’s credibility. Furthermore, do not overburden it with sign up or buying buttons, instead of this add creative content related to your business that will automatically encourage your user to buy the product or services that you are selling.

Don’t write complex content

It is necessary that the content you add to your website must not be complex. Make it readable and understandable for everyone, as you would have visitors from diverse backgrounds. While writing, keep in view an average writer. Do not include difficult and complex vocabulary that a normal reader might not be aware of.


As of now, you are fully aware of the DOs and DON’Ts of web content creation, now you can create nice content for your website. You can also utilize these points while writing content for a Wikipedia page. Moreover, if you want to create a Wikipedia page for yourself you can hire Wikipedia page creators too for this purpose.


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