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10 reasons for an MOT failure


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“MOT failure” nobody wants to come to this point. Because you should go for an MOT retest, you have to ensure every part of a vehicle is fine. Do you know when your vehicle faces MOT failure, you should repair or replace the car’s components that are responsible for failure? This blog will offer the most common reasons for an MOT failure. Are you looking for an approved MOT test centre in Scunthorpe, visit Lou’s Tyres, you will get the reliable MOT Scunthorpe test.

The reasons for failure mean there is something wrong with your car. Reasons mean the parts that are for your safety concern. Any damage on these parts leads to direct MOT failure. Do you know even the most confident drivers might be terrified of their yearly MOT since no matter how brilliant you drive or you maintain, there’s no assurance your automobile is in top working condition?

According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, “Book my garage.com” found that more than 13% of MOTs will fail in 2021. These vehicles went for the test the very first time. Indeed, 3 years is a long time, eventually, MOT failure is common. However, you can reduce the chances of MOT failure by implementing good habits of maintenance and repair and replacement of vehicle parts on time.

The most common problems that become a reason for MOT failures are given below.

1. Lights & Signaling

Indeed, blown bulbs are the most common reason for an MOT failure. There are so many different lights in a vehicle. The lights are; front, rear, indicators, side repeaters, brake lights, central repeaters and front and rear fog lights. These lights can become a reason for your vehicle’s MOT failure, ensuring every light is fine before getting your vehicle to the MOT center.

2. Suspension

Suspension failure is one of the common car damage due to improper roads (potholes, kerbs, off roads, etc). Do you know 1 out of 10 cats gets suspension damage for sure? Whenever you experience a bumpy ride, go for a repair then get it done for your vehicle MOT test.

3. Brakes

If you notice a spongy pedal sensation or the automobile moving to the left or right when slowing, it’s an indication that the brake pads have to be replaced. You can also get other serious brake damage; the brake system includes so many internal parts that if any of them got damaged, it leads to MOT failure.

4. Tyres

The most important part of a vehicle’s needs is also the biggest reason for MOT test failure. overinflation, underinflation, less tread depth than 1.6mm, damaged sidewall, excessive cut and crack, etc lead to an MOT failure.

5. Windshield

Any cracks on a windshield affect your direct view of the road hence, it needs to be fine. Apart from the windshield, this point also includes windscreen washers, and the rear view mirror needs to be fine. Also never stick a sticker or something on the windscreen.

6. Fuel System

Fuel system damage leads to environmental damage due to high fuel consumption. Eventually, you will save fuel costs. Many car owners experience MOT failure due to a fuel system.

7. Exhaust

Exhaust is also a part of a fuel system. If something is wrong with the fuel system, the exhaust will be affected too. Ensure your exhaust is fine before going for an MOT test.

8. Steering

Liquids aren’t usually examined during an MOT test, but ensure the power steering fluid is in good quality and condition. Inspect it ahead of time and get it filled up if required.

9. Seatbelts

Seat belts should be pulled, so spend a couple of minutes untangling any tangled or looped belts and double-check that they are all securely fastened in place without separating.

10. Airbag

Missing airbags is not very common but it is in the top 10 list. Airbags are essential for your safety so ensure your vehicle has that. If your vehicle dashboard indicates warning lights, this also causes an MOT failure. Get your Car Service Scunthorpe done on time and go for an MOT test, your vehicle will pass the test.


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