5 Reasons Why You Should Download Paid Apps Instead Of Free Ones


Mobile phone is a need of everyone now. To socialize, contact, and keep an update about everything happening worldwide. This compact device facilitates the user with many things, whether an alarm, radio, or calculator.

But the internet exceeds its level and makes the device more convenient. People can video call and see their loved ones from distances, share their daily routines with others, make friends, and do lots of stuff.

And all of these can happen only when the app development companies develop apps to make everything possible for the people.

There are multiple apps available for the users to learn languages, maintain body weight, watch videos, play games, and more,

It is estimated that android users download more apps than IOS users but free ones. The android app development company develops more apps for the users to give them variety. Some have free versions, and some are paid. The thing here is that it is suggested to download the paid apps because it has many benefits to offer.

No Advertisements

You must be aware of the advertisement if you have used an Android app before. The app plays multiple ads several times with short gaps, which can be unpleasing.  To avoid advertisement, paid apps are better. The benefits paid apps give are more than you think. Most of the users prefer the paid version of any app to avoid the apps.

So, play games, edit pictures, create a document, track your health and do much more without getting annoyed by the ads.

Extra Features

Paid applications are also beneficial for the ones who want to enjoy the extra features of the app. The paid apps are not only free for the users but give them access to some of the additional features that are unavailable for the users who have the free version of the app. Since they are paying for the apps, they got some extra and improved features. For example, the Spotify paid version allows unlimited shuffles, while the free version only has specific amounts of shuffles.

Get Updates Before Others

Want to get updates before anyone? Then choose the paid version. Regular updates are another benefit provided by the paid apps. The paid app often gets intervallic updates. It makes the app more stable. It also allows the user to get the additional features to use before anyone else. The developers take most care for paid apps because the users might unsubscribe or cancel their subscription when they experience the bad side of the application.  

Consume Less Data

Besides the features, updates, and no more ads, the paid application has a low consumption algorithm to attract users. These paid apps help to save data. You might wonder how? Then the answer to this question is no advertisement. The in-app ads are primarily videos of 10 to 20 seconds, max 30 seconds. And it uses data to download and play the ads. In most cases, the users cannot dodge the ads; the app doesn’t allow them to go back or exit the ad.

So, in paid version, you don’t have to go through this. And your data will be consumed less.     

No Or Little Distraction

Usually, the users get distracted by the in-app purchase pop-up window or any other sort of call of action window. But once you download the paid app, it means you already have access to the in-app features and other updates. So, no popup window will be there to distract you. However, the advertisement is another distraction that cannot harm the users of paid applications. Although if you download the paid app, you will not face any distractions if you have a paid version of the application that is also available for free, then you might encounter some notification bugs. They are used to notify you about the upcoming paid version of the app.


So, these are some of the reasons why you should go for paid apps rather than free ones. They not only remove ads and give you more features, but the quality of the app is also good. The developers of paid apps are more focused on giving users the best. So you can enjoy more benefits on paid apps than the free ones.


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