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5 Tips To Get Your Wikipedia Page Approved

Get Your Wikipedia Page Approved

Creating a Wikipedia page increase the chances of visibility, credibility, and notability. Having a Wikipedia page for a business and brand is a must. It provides all the basic and needed information for the readers who want to know about the business. And not only business but Wikipedia pages are for famous personalities, organizations, incidents, etc. too.

Well, creating a Wikipedia page is not that easy. A small mistake can lead the page to rejection by the website. However, you can avail a professional Wikipedia page creation service to enhance the chances of approval.

But if you want to do it by yourself, here are some tips that will help you reduce rejection chances.

So, without any ado, let’s head to the tips.

Don’t Rewrite

Before writing a Wikipedia page, make sure your article’s topic is not already published on the website. You can search for the topic title in the search box available on the site to see similar topics related to your subject. If you see the topics that are the same as yours, then you have to find another title to write about, that isn’t already published on the site.

To double sure yourself, if you can’t find the topic on on-site results, search Google for the topic too. Sometimes Google has the topic referenced in Wikipedia. If you don’t find the topic on the Google search index too, then you can create a page on the subject. 

Vague Sentences and Improper Tone

The silliest way to get rejected is to use improper tone and vague sentences in your writing. Wikipedia is a website that supports a formal tone where the main focus is to reveal the information, facts and figures, hypothesis, and theories to the reader. It is not a blog site or a fun social media platform where you can include idioms, phrases, and improper words.

While writing for the Wikipedia page, ensure that your tone is formal, and your sentences are not incomplete. Keep the sentences short but complete. If your sentences are vague, then the information will look incomplete and fake. 

Don’t Miss Any Information

Wikipedia pages are meant to provide full information about any subject. So, if you provide minimal and less information, the chances of rejection will increase. Apart from this, don’t skip any part. Put the facts and figures in your writing accordingly. The article will get rejected if your provided information is incorrect and improper.

Don’t Be Biased

If you are writing about any personality or incident or any other topic in general, then keep in mind not to be biased. The Wikipedia pages provide neutral information about every subject. If the editor sense biasness in your writing, your article page will be rejected. Try to write in a neutral style and place information correctly; it doesn’t matter if it’s bad or good for the subject. The article has to be true and neutral for sure.  

Don’t Promote

A Wikipedia page can provide a good return to the business or brand, but it doesn’t mean that you should write a Wikipedia page to promote the business. The core means of creating a Wiki page for a business or brand is to inform the readers and buyers.  If you write a Wikipedia page in a promoting way, then no doubt the editor will reject it brutally. So, keep this thing in mind and don’t use the Wikipedia page as a guest post or any other promotional site.    


Writing a Wikipedia page is good but not easy. There are multiple chances of getting rejected by the editor, so if you want to get approved without multiple re-dos, then go through the tips thoroughly and avoid making these mistakes. These tips will increase your chance of getting approval from the site easily. Or maybe you just have to do a few re-dos to get the article approved.



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