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5 Ways to Spot Genuine CBD Products


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Hemp products, including the ones with cannabidiol, are steadily saturating the markets. They come in different consumable forms along with non-consumable ones. Not just this, brands have formulated unique products with varying concentrations of cannabidiol.

However, there are rules and regulations the brands must fulfil to distribute their CBD products in the market. If any of the legal restrictions are not satisfied, the products are rejected and are not further distributed; due to safety concerns.

It is crucial to know whether a cannabidiol-infused product is genuine or not. And to ensure this, one can always refer to trusted sources like CBD istillery products at CBD.co and do their research.

Let’s look at 5 ways to spot genuine CBD products. But first, let us have some introduction about the cannabinoid.

What is cannabidiol?

Chemically known as cannabidiol, CBD is a cannabinoid. One thing that sets this cannabinoid apart from other cannabinoids is that instead of being extracted from cannabis, it is derived from the hemp plant.

Moreover, its chemical characteristics give it an upper hand; as compared to cannabinoids like Delta-9 THC and Delta-8. Most individuals regard CBD as a safer alternative to THC; because it does not alter the state of mind, meaning it does not possess psychoactive properties.

Apart from this, the cannabinoid displays numerous medicinal and remedial properties that one can use against various ailments. It is why this compound is infused in many products. It includes- edibles, vaping liquids, and even skin ointments.

5 ways to spot genuine CBD products

Cannabidiol is known to possess potential therapeutic and medicinal advantages. And any discrepancy in its quality or concentration can affect its efficiency levels. Apart from this, a fake CBD product is more likely to cause side effects and other allergic reactions in an individual.

To prevent yourself from fraud and from purchasing a fake cannabidiol-infused product, read the five ways below before making a purchase. Moreover, these points will also help you if you are a beginner at buying CBD products.

1.     Source of cannabidiol

Whether it is a CBD product or some other product, it is crucial to know the source from which it comes. Knowing the origin of the main ingredient is essential and convenient for the buyer to acknowledge more about the product they intend to buy.

At the federal level, CBD products are legal only if they have less than 0.3% THC and are extracted from hemp. So, the next time you visit a retail store, look for a CBD product that mentions hemp as a source of cannabidiol. Most trusted brands label their products with hemp CBD.

2.     Third-party lab testing/certifications

Reputed companies and brands sell their products with third-party lab testing reports and certificates of authentication. It means a genuine CBD product like full spectrum cbd will have lab reports and authentication certificates to prove its genuineness. This information is easily accessible through the QR code given on the packaging.

So, remember to look at this crucial point in your next purchase of a cannabidiol-infused product.

3.     Ingredients list

Shady brands that sell fake CBD products do not often reveal their entire ingredients list. Besides this, they also add harmful and toxic substances that do not comply with public health standards.

On the other hand, fake cannabidiol products do not usually have cannabidiol in their ingredients list. It means that it is printed only on the label and not included in the product.

4.     Unreal concentrations

Genuine brands print their packaging with the amount of cannabidiol added to their product. Apart from this, they also mention the concentration per serving.

If you encounter a CBD product that does not display enough pertinent details or an unreal cannabidiol concentration, be cautious and leave it on the counter. Trusted brands label the amount per serving to ease their consumer’s dosing options and avoid confusion.

5.     Health claims

We lack medical research that claims CBD to be a treatment or cure for any ailment. Therefore, if you see a CBD product that makes too-good-to-be-true health claims, do not bring it home.

Genuine cannabidiol-infused products do not come with any health claims or guaranteed results.

Are all CBD products equally effective?

Now that we know how to spot genuine CBD products like CBD gummies, CBD oils, etc., one might wonder if all these products are effective.

To simplify this, one way to know whether the product is effective is to gather information regarding the particular product. Be it from online research, customer feedback, or a sample trial, one can choose a convenient way of knowing whether a product is efficient or not.

Authentic CBD products’ results are subjective to different individuals and their particular requirements. It means; that while a cannabidiol-infused product might work for you, it might not work for someone else. Similarly, not every CBD product can be effective for your particular needs. One might need to research before concluding to buy.

Where to buy authentic CBD products?

The best and most convenient way to get your hands on an authentic CBD product is to research the brands that manufacture them. Doing this will give you more insight into the brands and better understand the CBD product that will suit your requirements.

There are local retail shops as well as online vendors that sell hemp products, including CBD. You can check them out individually by also referring to their customer reviews. Besides this, you can also refer to your friends that have previously used CBD products. Apart from this, do not forget to keep the above points in your mind while selecting a cannabidiol-infused product.

Do CBD products cause a high?

While we know how vital it is to spot a genuine CBD product, one should also acknowledge the amount of THC it contains. Even though cannabidiol does not cause a high by itself, its products can induce a high if they have a considerable concentration of THC. 

The bottom line

Cannabidiol-infused products are becoming a remedy that one might use for therapeutic and medicinal issues. However, one has to pick the right product that is genuine and effective at the same time.

An authentic CBD product will ensure that it is safe for consumption and delivers its potential health benefits. Be sure to research and enquire about different products you come across before making your final decision.


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