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6 Amazing Tips For Spring Wedding Photography


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Spring is all about pastel colours, lush green beauty, and breathtaking sunsets. It comes after a long cold and the best time to tie knots with your beloved ones and union with your family and friends. The most important thing that should be considered while shooting a wedding in spring is the list of shots that signify the essence of spring. Also, paying attention to every little thing that will make wedding pics more appealing is imperative. 

According to skilled photographers in Bristol, it would be better to plan an outdoor wedding to include the beauty of spring in the photographs. On the other hand, there is no point in planning an indoor wedding during this awesome season until weather conditions are not favourable. So if you are looking for great ideas to shoot spring weddings, you are at the right place. We will give you six mind-blowing tips to cover your client’s spring wedding flawlessly.

Let’s begin!

Go Outside

There is no need to tell how magnificent the spring season is — blue sky, vibrant colours, and blossoming mother nature steal the hearts of almost everyone. So, why not ask your client to step out when they book an indoor venue. On the other hand, if your client chooses an outdoor place, try to take them away from the crowd to catch gala moments with amazing backdrops. This will give you plenty of options when it comes to backgrounds, lighting and other elements of photos. 

Suppose, if there is rain during the wedding, get an umbrella and ask the couple to walk for a while to get eye-catching shots.

Use Drone

Drone photography is trending at weddings because it offers unique perspectives on scenic views and people shots. You can even use them indoors if you have enough space to fly them safely!

If your client wants some unique shots from above, use a drone! A lot of people don’t think about using drones at weddings because they aren’t sure how they will look. But in reality, drones can be used during ceremonies without any disruptions and can provide stunning pictures. In addition, they are great for getting unique angles on your wedding photos. Apart from this, drones are also perfect for capturing aerial shots of the venue and surrounding area. 

Focus On Floral

Flowers are often the first thing that people notice and are a quintessential part of spring weddings, so they are the perfect subject for your spring wedding photography. A single bloom or bouquet can evoke springtime memory, so make sure you have plenty of shots of them in a frame. In addition to this, ask your clients to book a venue full of greenery, so take advantage so that you can shoot a few photos with a natural background. If a couple has an indoor wedding, suggest using flowers that complement the wedding colours and textures in the venue.

Natural Light Can Make The Difference

The bright natural light of spring can add splendid beauty to the pictures. Experienced wedding photographers suggest that photographs taken outside during the day can be some of the most magical ones you ever take. The natural light makes everything look brighter and more vibrant, which is exactly what you want for a couple looking for spring wedding photos! Scout out some good spots for outdoor shots beforehand so that when it comes time to shoot photos of couples as well as family members, you will know exactly where to go.

Use Props To Create Interesting Photos

If you want to create some interesting pictures for your client’s album or social media profile, then props are a great way! Candles, wine, and other items can add a lot of interest and helps you to create variety in your photos without resorting to Photoshop later on down the road. 

Don’t Forget About The Details

Make sure to capture all the little details that make a couple’s big day special: rings, shoes, flowers, shoes…you know what I mean! These details make for fantastic shots! Plus, they help tell the story of the special day through photos — they’re truly unforgettable!

Wrapping Up-:

Indeed, mother nature is in full bloom during spring, making it perfect for clicking natural-looking romantic pictures. However, it’s important to remember that spring comes with some unique challenges affecting your photography. So, being a savvy wedding photographer, be ready to face every challenge and consider the above tips to get alluring pics.


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