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7 Powerful Benefits of Meeting Room Scheduling for Project Managers

Benefits of Meeting Room Scheduling for Project Managers

An assistant or private secretary working in a corporate company has to work on meeting room scheduling every day. 

The job of these meeting planners is to arrange a meeting room for a group of busy people together. Conducting a successful meeting room management includes sending messages to the attendees via emails, SMS & calling them to inform them. 

Meetings are critical and are an integral part of conducting any business.

Today, we will learn how scheduling a meeting room daily can be an easy & stress-free affair with Picktime.

Besides knowing the seven powerful benefits of meeting room scheduling for project managers.

What is Meeting Room Scheduling Software?

A meeting room scheduling software helps you to book a meeting room from any part of the world with an internet-connected device. 

Such software helps a lot in reducing administrative chaos (like delayed meetings, late arrivals, missed meetings, and no-shows). 

Picktime is one of the best online meeting room scheduling software. You can use it to line up meetings in the room of your choice anywhere & anytime with your laptop, smartphone, or home screen. 

Picktime meeting room management software is an incredible way to make sure that you have fulfilled all the requirements for scheduling a meeting. 

Now before moving on to the benefits part, it’s important to know, what to look for in a meeting room scheduling software:- 

While choosing a meeting room management software, you should consider the following factors given below:-

Easy & User-friendly

An ideal booking software needs to be easy for every consumer to use for successful meeting room management. The software must allow its users to view, search & schedule available meeting rooms for its attendees. 

The online software must simplify the process of booking rooms & resources to become popular with customers. 

Gaining Access Anytime & Anywhere

An online software necessary for meeting room scheduling should not block staff from booking meetings because they are out of the office or logged out. A meeting room scheduling software should be accessible via the internet & on mobile devices like smartphones & tablets.

 Purchase Booking Software From An Established Company

Never buy a meeting room booking software from a start-up company as they tend to fall or fail in the long run. Always look for a booking software offered by established companies such as Picktime with a proven track record, solid client base & good technical support.

In-built Reporting Capabilities

A meeting management software should generate advanced & standardized reports in various formats & offer support to all the third-party tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Skype, Google Meet & many more. 

The support of third-party tools is necessary to keep better track of your meeting room & resource usage. Lower the costs with Picktime meeting room scheduling software.   

Real-time Synchronization of Your Booking Software 

Please remember to buy or sign up for an online booking software with a central database that gets updated in real-time & gives access to current information to all its users. 

This real-time synchronization of the booking software helps its users to avoid double bookings & other scheduling conflicts. 

Thus, these are some of the above-mentioned criteria in an online meeting room scheduling software and Picktime is the only software that fulfills them.

Now let’s talk about the benefits of using the meeting room scheduling software for project managers as given below:-

Benefits Of Using Meeting Room Scheduling Software

So here are some of the benefits of the meeting room scheduling software available for corporate professionals such as project managers:-

Integrated Third-Party Tools

You can allow the integration of the calendar of your Meeting Room Scheduling software with personal calendars such as outlook & google.

It will allow the meeting planners to have instant access to room availability with a simple calendar view at the time of booking a meeting. 

Furthermore, a mobile application is customizable to the needs & requirements of your organization. 

Using this software application via a smartphone while going for a meeting unprepared makes the booking process smooth & easy. 

It also makes sure that you will not interrupt another meeting already in process. 

Moreover, the benefit of using a meeting room management software allows any employee or user to make on-spot bookings if the rooms are not filled.     

Automated Changes & Cancellations

The Meeting Room Scheduling software offered by Picktime is capable of handling all the changes & cancellations.

The system gets updated whenever a meeting changes or canceled meaning all the attendees & service providers get notified immediately about the new development. 

Once you get the notification related to any cancellation or rescheduled meeting, you have more time to prepare for the meeting with any client or team.

You will always stay notified about all upcoming meetings at your workplace making you more alert, prepared & confident to preside over the meeting. 

Avoid Making Double Booking

Using any uncertified software for booking your meeting & appointments will result in accidental double bookings that are not only annoying but also result in loss of clients & finances. 

It is a common problem at many workplaces because employees are using different systems to make bookings & such low-grade or performing software are not compatible with every system of the company.  

For example, two employees of the same company end booking for the same room using different computer systems without any knowledge & the whole process gets messed up in the process creating costly problems. 

Hence, through the right meeting room scheduling software such as Picktime, irrespective of the systems to book the same room or its resources. 

Furthermore, as it is a web-based system or software, you can use it via your desktop, personnel laptop, and phone for booking your meetings as a project manager from any part of the world. 

With this Picktime software, you can also invite attendees from outside your organization. 

You will not face ‘no shows’ anymore

Besides overbooking, there is another frustrating aspect of room bookings that comes to the forefront of the meeting planners when people do not turn-up for the booked meetings. 

Such a problem also prevents other representatives from booking a meeting room creating more chaos, disruptions, and loss to the company. 

You can avoid all such issues by using effective meeting room management software such as Picktime. 

It can check no-shows, identify repeat offenders & also enables you to enforce penalties that will help a lot in reducing the wasted meeting room time as well as ensuring a more professional work atmosphere. 

Cut Administration & Management Costs

It is the responsibility of every meeting planner to cut administrative and management costs to the company while booking meeting rooms. 

This objective can be achieved by using a smart, well-designed & crafted piece of booking meeting room scheduling software such as Picktime. 

It will remove the need for a dedicated team member who is required 24/7 for organizing schedules or dealing with really long phone calls.

With a booking software system such as Picktime, employees & clients can organize synchronized rooms & services in a decentralized manner.  

Track All Your Reports

For any company to do business, tracking & monitoring visitors & expenses spent on organizing the meeting, whether they are big or small can be the key factors in improving service for all the customers. 

But doing so can be difficult without proper data to find flaws in the customer service. You can resolve this situation by using virtual meeting management software such as Picktime. 

Picktime meeting room scheduling software can track visitors to the meeting rooms on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis & can analyze business peaks to reduce the customer wait time as well as the availability of enough staff members. 

By using Picktime as a long-term reporting solution, you will also get access to all the historical data to see if your company is performing better every year along with the chance to boost all your upcoming events. 

Customizing All Your Bookings

Picktime as meeting room scheduling software beat all other software products available online because it can customize with all the requirements such as the greatest & smallest booking times & many others. 

Thus, these are some of the most powerful benefits of the use of a meeting room scheduling software such as Picktime for project managers.  

Closing Comments

Project managers working in a stressful environment in today’s competitive world require effective online meeting room scheduling software more than ever. 

A multi-tasking software such as meeting room management software can do wonders if it is utilized properly by its users.   

Now with the daily improvements & advancements in technology, online virtual meeting management software such as Picktime will get better & better. 

Such software will help them to schedule meetings & brainstorming sessions with their colleagues without any hassles leading them to generate some great ideas to develop all their upcoming projects.  Software with such technological advancement will help minimize the chaos & difficulties that project managers face daily. 



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