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8 Practical Tips For Audible – Audio Books In Perfection


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8 Practical Tips For Audible – Audio Books In Perfection

I love Audible – and no, unfortunately, I don’t get any money from them for this statement (unless you used one of the links used in the article – more about that here 😉 During a more extended hospital stay a few years ago, I used Amazon’s audiobook service for discovered me. Since then, hardly a day has gone by that I don’t have an audiobook on my ears. Check out our article on how to fix RedGIFs not working! I don’t want to do without the opportunity to have an unabridged book read to me by professional speakers for around 10 euros. Whether it’s walking, driving or doing sports, Audible has replaced Spotify as my most-used media service. But you can tease even more out of the service. Here are eight handy Audible tips!

Audible: The First Book Is Free

If you haven’t signed up for Audible yet, you can get a taste of the audiobook subscription free. The first audiobook is free for new customers, and you can cancel anytime. In addition, Amazon often has offers where you can try Audible for half price, for example, or buy multiple credits for the price of one. In short: Audible is a blessing for audiobook fans. Current:  As part of  Amazon Prime Day 2022, you will receive the first six months of Audible for EUR 2.95 per month – for audiobook people, this is one of those much-cited no-brainers. Applies only to new customers, but that’s you even after a longer termination. Just a side note

Adjust Reading Speed

Most of the audiobooks on Audible are narrated by excellent actors.

The various Audible apps for Android, iOS and Co. allow you to adjust the reading speed as you like. It’s straightforward: Tap on the small field in the upper right corner of the playback screen (usually, 1.00 is the standard speed). Now you can adjust the playback speed of the player in 0.05 increments. By the way, you can slow down when you get to a book with a chatterbox. 

Customize Audible Player

You are not only allowed to adjust the reading speed, and the navigation through the audiobook or the functionality of the forward and back buttons can also be customized. To do this, tap on the three dots in the player view and select the menu item  Player settings. Here you can specify how far you can fast forward and rewind in the book, whether Audible plays multi-parts with or without a break and more.

Exchange Purchased Audiobooks On Audible.

Even if the service gives a decent preview of the narrator etc.: Sometimes it takes a while to realize that an audiobook is not for you. In this case, fortunately, Audible offers the option to return a purchased audiobook. Are you not at all satisfied with an audiobook you have bought? Give it back. To do this, go to the My Account area of ​​your  Audible account and the Orders and Monthly Subscriptions submenu. Here you look for the title, tap on it (mobile) or click directly on  Return now. 

Provide a reason for the exchange, if applicable. You will get the purchase amount or the credit back to your account after a short time without any problems. This tutorial will show you the steps in a little more detail.

Share Excerpts From The Audiobooks With Others

An absolute thigh slap, the most profound wisdom or just a friendly dialogue – now and then, we like parts of a book so much that we don’t want to forget them. Audible offers the  Clips feature for such cases. You can use this to send passages of up to 2 minutes in length to yourself or friends.

Unfortunately, due to the proprietary properties of Audible, this is not done via MP3 but as a link to the page. Still nice. To use the feature, tap the bookmark icon in the player’s top right corner and then Preview. Audible will now open a small wave editor where you can select the beginning and end of the clip. If you’re happy, click  Share to send the snippet via email, WhatsApp, or whatever.

Pause Audible Membership

With the standard Audible subscription, you pay around 11 euros per month, for which you get a “credit”. These, in turn, you exchange for audiobooks. If you can’t keep up with using up the credits or are predictably absent for a long time, you don’t have to cancel your membership right away. Instead, the creators offer the option to pause your Audible membership.

Visit this page and decide whether you want to deactivate the subscription for 30, 60 or 90 days. You don’t collect any credits during this time, but you don’t have any costs either.

Audible: Watch Out For Special Offers

I think a tenner for an audiobook of any length is surprisingly fair. Still, the Audible people occasionally knock out books at half price. In this case, it is worth looking at the regular newsletters from time to time. But not only that: Sometimes the audiobooks cost less than the credit equivalent. An example: I only paid 4.60 euros for the audiobook version of Stephen King’s “The Shining” (by the way, absolutely brilliantly performed by Dietmar Wunder) later, it was still cheaper than the monthly fee of 7.95 euros.

Download Audiobooks In High Quality

I listen to audiobooks at home on my laptop and the go mainly on my cell phone. Of course, I download the audiobooks here beforehand – in high quality. In combination with good headphones, the high quality makes a difference. To pull better quality books, open the Audible app settings.

 Use Audible For Free For Up To Three Months.

If you want to try Audible, you can do that comparatively easily. Amazon offers (at least as of this tutorial) a three-month trial membership. During this time, you can access at least three audiobooks free of charge and test the functions. The prerequisite for this is that you already have an Amazon Prime subscription. Haven’t you? Then you can use Audible for at least one month for free.


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