A Guide To Help You Get Ready For Your MOT Exam

MOT Exam

What exactly is an MOT check?

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) conducts an annual check to ensure that vehicles are safe to drive and are roadworthy. MOT Test Reading evaluates the roadworthiness of motor vehicles depending on a multitude of parameters.

When does my next mandatory inspection occur?

3 years following authorization, your car must first take an MOT exam. After then, all cars will be able to go through an MOT test once a year, with the schedule of the next test depending on the results of the previous test. All motor vehicles that we’re able to pass their MOT testing in October 2016 need to do it again in October 2017. In certain circumstances, a car’s initial MOT is mandatory less than a year after initial ownership. On the webpage of the ministry of the UK, you may find a database of such automobiles.

How to appropriately get ready for your MOT exam.

  • Check to see that all of the functions on the car, including the headlights, signals, and windshield wipers, are operating correctly.
  • Check that the gasoline, oil, hydraulic fluids, and windshield wash in your car are all at the appropriate levels.
  • Confirm that the safety belts, as well as doors, are functioning.
  • Make sure that everything, including the seats, the steering column, and the number plates, is firm.
  • Ensure that the groove depth on each of your tyres is at a minimum of 1.6 millimetres. Also, make sure that the width of each of the car tyres Reading on your car is the same.
  • Make sure that there have been no harsh corners or other types of corrosion that might be harmful on the outside of the car.
  • Test every side of the vehicle by bouncing it to determine whether it lowers under force, then rebounds to its maximum altitude, and finally rests.
  • Make sure that you have a good view of the road outside via the windshield at all times. In addition to this, make sure that the illumination of your headlights does not diminish by a buildup of dirt.
  • Make sure there is no smoke coming from your tailpipe and that there are no leaks.
  • At the time of the MOT testing, you will need to provide the license paperwork for the vehicle, a note of confirmation, and any valid certificates or notices of rejection.

What exactly takes place during the MOT exam?

On the date of the exam, as per the instructions in the scheduling notification, you will receive it either through the postal service, through text message, or via email. You must make sure that you arrive in plenty of time (at least ten minutes prior). You have the option of delegating the inspection of your car to another party if you are unable to reach the testing facility for the periodic date.

When you go to the testing centre, be sure you stop in the area for you in the scheduling notification. During the time of the smog check, be sure to maintain your car operating at its typical range.

When the examiners are ready, you will need to take your car into the inspection area so that they may evaluate it.

Following the first inspections, the examiner will acquire charge of your vehicle. You should proceed to the reception room of the testing centre. The assessment will be visible to you. At no point in time is it acceptable to bring passengers or animals inside the inspection area.

Your motor vehicle could single out for a supplementary round of quality assurance inspections every once in a blue moon. On the other hand, the likelihood of this occurring is rather remote.

A few moments after the conclusion of the testing, the staff will notify of your car’s performance. If you clear, you will receive a vehicle testing certification; if you flunk, you will receive a list of defects that you must fix.

What to do upon completing an MOT

If the car passes

If your vehicle clears its MOT check, the experts will issue you with an MOT certification. It will indicate that it is legally drivable. The completion of the certification requires two separate steps. When you want to register your car for taxes, you will need to provide the document that includes the test information. The other document is a report of the inspection. During the time that the MOT certificate is valid, you should keep monitoring safe driving practices. You should also keep up with routine maintenance on your vehicle.

If the car fails,

If your vehicle fails its MOT exam, the experts will hand you a paper outlining the issues that you must resolve. Within the first 21 days after your original test, you will have the opportunity to schedule an MOT retest at a discounted cost. If you wait any longer to arrange the appointment, the retake will cost the same amount that the original test would have cost.


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