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Best Astrologers You Need To Know About


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When anything goes wrong, we know to attribute of Astrologers it to Mercury being in retrograde; when deciding when to ask for a raise, we may first look at the planetary alignments; and when it comes to selecting a partner, who hasn’t done some kind of background check on them through a compatibility website. 

According to Sarah Owen, astrology has developed into a tool for creating routine and rhythm in what would otherwise be a tedious, upsetting time. It also gives millennials and members of Generation Z alternative means of learning more about themselves and where they fit in a confusing and unstable environment. Now we will discuss the best astrologers in UK:

Didi Daze 

Didi Daze was born and reared in Venezuela, and at the age eight, he first became interested in astrology after stumbling across a book about the Aquarius archetype. Today, Daze, 21, has a sizable online following thanks to his viral content and pop style, which helps newcomers get started.

Kesaine Walker

In her teens, Kesaine Walker, now 35, began studying astrology in Jamaica. However, she didn’t start treating her studies seriously until she relocated to New York. 

Walker, also an energy healer, focuses on determining how the planetary characteristics of the moment may be preventing people from moving forward and how their chakras are affected. I supplement my spiritual insights with astrology.

Marissa Malik

Marissa Malik began seriously studying astrology in her twenties after dabbling with various witchcraft and brujara practices in her teens. Since then, the 26-year-old DJ, music producer, and one of the best astrologer in UK have been imparting her divine knowledge on websites like Gal-Dem and Sanctuary World. 

As a gay person of color, she says, “it can be challenging to find your own way in spirituality, and astrology has ended up being the keystone I always needed.” However, Malik doesn’t shy away from politics, frequently finding ways to incorporate her socio-political ideals into her art as she reinterprets the universe for her millennial fanbase.

Randon Rosenbohm

The Times-horoscopes Picayune’s page in New Orleans introduced 27-year-old Randon Rosenbohm to astrology, and he later used the compatibility feature on the now-defunct gURL.com. Since then, Rosenbohm has immersed herself in history books in an effort to learn more about the development of astrology. 

Today, Rosenbohm, located in Berlin, creates horoscopes for Vice. “Like faith, astrology is enigmatic. I don’t claim to understand how or why it operates. I don’t mind saying that I don’t always have solutions.

Mystic Meg

One of the best astrologer in London, Margaret Anne Lake, is better known by her stage moniker Mystic Meg. She writes a regular astrological column for The Sun and, up until its demise, the News of the World. For Sun Bingo, she also hosts Mystic Meg’s Wheel of Destiny.

Meg developed a website in 2015 that offers personalized readings, horoscopes, and a phone hotline staffed by some of her favorite professional psychics.

She departed The Sun on January 2, 2015, but returned on April 3, 2016.

Sonia Ortiz

Sonia Ortiz, a 39-year-old astrologer from Puerto Rico, was first drawn to astrology by the work of Walter Mercado. She describes astrology as a “wireframe” or “evolving blueprint” that is constantly altering and never finished. 

When you have a base for your rising sign, moon sign, and sun sign along with the houses they fall under, it is only the tip of the iceberg. Additionally, aspects and transits, planetary and zodiacal conjunctions provide context information for decision-making.

Gary D’Andre

The way most people do, Gary D. McCrear (Gary D’Andre), 31, first became interested in astrology out of a need for spiritual direction. But, unfortunately, growing up in a very religious southern family presented more difficulties than its fair share for a homosexual Black man. 

Astrology entered his life, saying, “to help me better understand myself, my power and how I could use it to fight some of my issues and keep me as grounded as I could as I grew up.” As a result, McCrear has been focusing his energies on assisting others in finding their paths for the past four years.

Leona Moon

A job as an editor at a neighborhood newspaper in San Francisco gave Leona Moon her first exposure to astrology. And she was given the opportunity to create a weekly horoscope. Moon, 31, is best renowned for her clever memes and pop culture allusions, which are driven by her goal to make astrology approachable.

There are no crystal balls for the modern astrologer, therefore horoscopes are far less smoke and mirrors. It can be challenging to decide someone to bind your fate to, though, with so many people around. Refer to the list above before going to an astrologer. 


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