Best Desert Safari Tours

Best Desert Safari Tours

Best Desert Safari Tours Choose Your Best Adventures

Are you planning to visit Dubai and would prefer an excursion in the desert? Are you searching for either a private or group tour that departs from Dubai to see the impressive dunes in the best Dubai Desert?

Do you have a dilemma about which you should pick out from the various times of the Dubai desert provided by the tourist companies of Dubai?

The four best desert excursions that you can take in Dubai from Dubai A analysis and a detailed description of the top 4 multi-day tours available in Dubai to explore the enchanting landscape of the Dubai desert.

The inexpensive and fascinating 3-day group tour with minivans to Merzouga with a night in a tent and a camel ride through Erg Chebbi is the best of all times for budget travelers in the deserts of Dubai.

A less strenuous 4-day tour in a private car with guides to Erg Chebbi includes a visit to the Kasbah in Ait Ben Haddou and the Dades and Todra Gorges. It’s the perfect tour for those with extra time who prefer private services.

The unique 4-day private tour departing Dubai from Dubai to Fez by Erg Chebbi is a good option for those located in. Dubai and who want to travel to Fez but don’t want to miss the most spectacular dunes of sand in all of Dubai.

The other desert tour takes you to Erg Chebika dunes, which is a bit less traveled than the first one. The third tour begins in Egypt, heads towards the Sahara desert and ends in Morocco.

Are you contemplating an excursion to Dubai? Are you planning to visit Dubai as well? Would you want to explore the desert? Are you unsure which one to pick? A trip with other people or an off-road excursion with an individual guide and driver?

The deserts of the UAE are some of the world’s most extreme and fascinating environments, so don’t miss your chance to experienceIt is far away from Dubai. But, if you don’t want to commit to more than a few days, and without spending a lot of dollars, you can take an excursion that departs from Dubai within two or three nights and gets you to the magnificent dunes of sand in the Sahara desert.

Essential Things to Know About Dubai Desert Safaris

The Dubai desert is a long way from Dubai. Whatever tour you pick, you’ll travel for thousands of kilometers, hundreds, and hundreds. It will take you many hours in the minivan or the car. For all tours that run for three days, the first and last day is nearly exclusively focused on the trip to get from Dubai and then return.

All of these desert excursions discussed here are luxury tours. Specific tours are fundamental and others more luxurious. The accommodations you stay in are essential, and camping tents in the desert that are used in the most affordable terms are vital, with few facilities provided, so don’t think you can clean yourself.

In the summer you’ll be hot. It is important to note that there is an absence of air conditioners in your campers in the desert. Between the end of October and April, on the other hand, evenings are cool and quite cold from December to February.

Be sure to cover your body correctly. It’s probably better to stay clear of using the worn-out and old blankets you get with sleeping tents… Better bring your sleeping bag.

There aren’t any ATMs within the Sahara desert. Don’t forget to bring cash in small denominations throughout the time you’re gone, as the chances of changing are minimal.

It is also helpful to have a pillow to lay your neck down on the endless journeys from the car, wet towels to clean yourself, and a pair of sandals for a walk along the river (sometimes, during the Todra Gorges, you could take walks along the streams) and use the communal bathrooms at the camps in the desert. Do not expect to charge your mobile smartphone or digital battery while you’re on the outskirts of the dunes.

Most of the excursions listed here will comprise at least one hour and a half on camels to reach the camp at the heart of the dunes. Then, it’s the same next day to return to your vehicle. It’s useless to take everything you need; take only what you’ll need to sleep in a light backpack.

To take part in one of these tours, you’ll need to book for yourself for the nights prior and the following nights in Dubai. Also, you’ll have to make two separate hotel reservations: the first for the one before the tour and the other for the following one.

I highly recommend booking two nights in both cases. If you choose that you want to remain in Dubai for a single night when you return, it’s essential to schedule the two nights before the tour, not just the time that you can be able to spend in Dubai. However, you should also confirm the tour with the local tour operator.


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