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Best Selling Bouquets 


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With the new trends in the flower world, there has been a wave of amazing and artistic flower trends making rounds around the world. With vibrant colors, bohemian vibe, minimalist, and pastels now the hype has turned all around to new flower variants. You can find these freshly made flower bouquets from your Gaylord Florist and get Rosemary Delivery. Here is a list of best-selling bouquets which you will see all around in the upcoming months.

This is a new addition to the world of fresh-cut flowers.

1. Hydrangeas in the spotlight

Hydrangeas are just lovely, they have long been used as filler flowers. But now it’s their time to shine, hydrangeas have a fluffy space with multiple blooms in clusters together. Hydrangeas have some more species to them with slight variations and tonal shifts. Hydrangeas work great as single-color bouquets in a dome shape or a complete round. Hydrangeas also come in a variety of pastel shades and also in lime green colors. Hydrangeas symbolize grace, beauty, and thankfulness. 

2. Wildflowers

Another viral trend that works with almost all occasions is putting together wildflowers, they seem fresh, vintage, effortless, and flowy. Or you can say they look like an enchanted forest. To create this magical bouquet you can go for wildflowers that grow around you or you can pick out Aster, Payette, French mulberry, Crimson bee balm, Indian blanket, Blue eyes mary, Virginia bluebells and so many more. You can get these flowers at Rosemary Florist and receive a one-of-a-kind, Rosemary Bouquet. 

3. Single color different texture

With the new season going by a single color is the new cool. But it can get monotonous, to break this monotony you can play around with the texture. If your theme is purple you can add lilac, lavender stock, lavender roses, hyacinth, and berry stock. This way your bouquet will get more dimension and height. Another ongoing trend is to organize in similar vases, for this, you can go for clear tall vases. 

4. Potted flowering plants

Take a step towards sustainability and get going with potted plants. There is a huge variety here. Potted plants can easily be found at Florists in Charlevoix Mi. Potted flowers come in a huge variety. You can go for a peace lily, which is a long-lasting plant with a unique white enclosed petal with a yellow stigma. Another great option is orchids and succulents. Just re-pot it in any vase, add some succulents like aloe to the soil and you are all set. Lastly, you can opt for Geranium, Pansy, and pot carnations. 

These best-selling bouquets will put you on top of your flower game, and surely be turning some heads around. Get these best Flower delivery in Lewiston Mi and Flowers in Gaylord Mi from rosemary and pepper flowers. We bring to you a wide variety of fresh-cut flowers, bouquets, centerpieces, and decor for all occasions and emotions now and forever with easy online ordering of flower delivery


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