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Everything You Need To Know About Brooklinn Khoury 

brooklinn khoury

You know Brooklinn Khoury better by her Instagram account, but did you know that she came out of nowhere 12 years ago and she has never stopped since that? Find out more about this 20-year-old skateboarder and how she turned what seemed like a pipe dream into the reality that is now.

Profile Summary of Brooklinn Khoury 

Real NameBrooklinn Khoury
Net Worth (2021)$1 million
Monthly IncomeUnder review
Annual IncomeUnder review
Source of IncomeSkateboarder, Social media personality
Spouse NameUnmarried
Date of Birth April 20, 1999
Birth PlaceBrooklyn, New York, USA

Who is Brooklinn Khoury Injury?

Brooklinn Khoury Injury is an American filmmaker, television producer and actress. She got her start in the entertainment industry as a fashion model before making the transition to film and television. Khoury has worked in both traditional and nontraditional genres, such as documentary, reality television and feature films. She is also a two-time Academy Award nominee for her work on the feature films Lords of Dogtown (2005) and Brooklyn (2015).

Brooklinn Khoury

Brooklinn Khoury was born in Beirut, Lebanon on May 5, 1979. Her father, Michel Khoury, was a prominent graphic designer and painter who had relocated to the United States when Brooklinn was just a baby. Khoury grew up in Los Angeles and attended Santa Ana Valley High School. After graduating from high school, she initially pursued a career in fashion modeling. However, she soon realized that she had a passion for film and television Production and made the switch to filmmaking/television production. Khoury’s first major television production stint was as assistant producer on the award-winning series Sons of Anarchy. In 2006 she produced her first documentary film Europa: A Love Story, which premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival

What Is Brooklinn Khoury Doing Now?

Brooklinn Khoury is now a singer. After going through vocal training, she has released her first EP, “Window”, in late February. Her debut single, “Invisible”, is a powerful ballad that tells the story of a young girl who is trying to survive despite abuse and violence.

Khoury’s music touches on important themes such as mental health and self-acceptance, and she wants her music to reach out to as many people as possible. She has dedicated her EP to her family and friends, who have always been supportive of her dreams. Khoury is also an advocate for human rights, and she plans to use her music platform to raise awareness about issues that matter to her. If you’re interested in hearing more about Brooklinn Khoury’s music, be sure to check out her website and EP!

Fun Facts About Brooklinn

Brooklinn Khoury is an American pop singer and actress. She is best known for her role as Remy in the Disney Channel sitcom, “Junkboy”, which aired from 2007 to 2013. Brooklinn also starred in the Disney Channel original movie, “Best Friends Whenever”, which premiered on November 23, 2015. Brooklinn was born on February 7, 1997, in Towson, Maryland. She has two brothers: Presley and Tennyson. Brooklinn relocated to Los Angeles at the age of six and began her music career in 2007 when she auditioned for a role in “Junkboy” with her sister Tennyson serving as her manager.

While on “Junkboy”, Brooklinn released a self-titled debut album in March 2010. The album peaked at number seven on the Billboard 200 chart and spawned four singles: “I’m Yours”, “Everything I Never Had”, “Fly Away” and “Somebody to Love”. In addition to her acting and singing careers, Brooklinn has also made appearances on MTV’s”What Would You Do?”, FOX’s “New Girl” and Nickelodeon’s”iCarly”.

Influences & Achievements

Brooklinn Khoury is a Lebanese singer, songwriter and pianist. Khoury was born on February 3, 1994 in Beirut, Lebanon. She began to learn classical piano at the age of six, and discovered her love for singing later on. Khoury started her music career in 2009 when she released her first single “Innocent Eyes” through the label Rotana. The song received moderate success in Lebanon and charted at number five on Radio Liban’s official Top 50 chart. Khoury’s second single “System” became her first number one hit on Radio Liban’s official Top 50 chart.

Brooklinn Khoury Influences & Achievements

Her first album ” marches On” was released in June 2011. Featured popular tracks such as “Innocent Eyes”, “System”, “Mystic” and “Ascension”. In 2013, Khoury released her second album titled “Tableaux”. The album features the hit singles “Weightless”, “Play On My Heart” and “The First Time”. Khoury has toured extensively throughout Lebanon, Europe and North America performing sold out concerts every time. Khouri is also a sought after songwriter having penned songs for international artists including Mohamed El-Geri, Wisin &

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Brooklinn Khoury Influences & Achievements

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