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Do’s and Don’ts of a Residential Power Outage


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You can never be fully prepared against an electrical outage and they are always a headache. More so when you are in the middle of something and find there is no electricity to run your dryer, geyser, or even in the middle of watching your favourite movie. While there is not much that you can do to avoid such inconveniences, there are some things that you should and should not engage with during a power outage at your home. Let’s hear from our Electricians in South East Melbourne what these do’s and don’ts are and learn how to best deal with the next electrical outage at your home.

residential electrician in South East Melbourne

1.  Always Have Emergency Supplies at Standby

Unless there is a critical error, the power outage might not last for a long time but during that short span, you wouldn’t want to stumble around your house looking for a torch, candle or a lighter. So, what you need to do is store them in an easily accessible corner of your house and actually remember this location. Also important is having a power bank at hand so that you can charge your mobile phone and contact a residential electrician in Melbourne if the need be. Not just that, when you would be bored out of your wits at home during a power outage, your phone could be a good companion.

Emergency Supplies That You Should Have at Hand

–       Torches and batteries

–       Candles

–       Matchstick or Lighter

–       Powerbank 

Having all of these on standby could help you sail through the outage with inconveniences of any kind reduced to the minimum.

2.  Unplug Your Electrical Appliances

The moment you experience a power outage at your home, make sure that you unplug all your electrical appliances and this is recommended by all electricians in South East Melbourne. Power outages bring in the possibility of voltage fluctuations and when the electricity comes back up, all your plugged-in appliances might experience the brunt of these fluctuations especially when they don’t have a surge protector installed into them.

Also important here is to remove your devices like smartphones and laptops from charging so as not to damage them.

3.  Don’t Open Your Fridge Unless Completely Necessary

In case of a power outage, you don’t really know how long the power is going to be off and therefore, make sure that you don’t unnecessarily open your fridge. Properly insulated insides of your refrigerator make sure that even when the power is off, the temperature is maintained ensuring that the perishable items stored in the fridge don’t go stale. But if you keep opening it over and over again, the temperature would fall and with it the freshness of your food. Now, during peak summers when the power is off, some do try to look for solace in the chill that their fridge spreads when opened but you should always refrain from doing so. This is an important tip when you have contacted your electricity board or a Residential Electrician in Melbourne and they informed you that the outage will last for a considerable time.

4.  Never Ignore the Possibility of an Electrical Failure

The moment there is a power outage at your home, the first thing to do is check if that is the case with every house in your neighbourhood or just with yours. If there is a blackout in the entire area there must be a problem with your service providers and it might be resolved on its own but in case the problem is just with your home, you have to take the necessary measures without any further delay. So, never assume that the outage has occurred in the entire locality and ignore the possibility of an electrical fault at your home.

Common Reason for Power Outages

–       Natural conditions like storms, thunderstorms, earthquakes or lightning.

–       Interruptions caused by fallen trees.

–       Excavation digging in a nearby area.

–       Overburdened electrical poles and high power demand in your locality.

–       An electrical fault at your home.

So, make sure you call your electricity providers or connect with an electrician in South East Melbourne, figure out what the fault is and take the necessary measures.

Residential Electrician in Melbourne

As we mentioned before, the reason behind an electrical fault could be many and if the problem stemmed from your home itself then without any further ado, it’s time to get in touch with a reliable residential electrician in South East Melbourne. And if that’s the case, you don’t have to go anywhere farther from here. Our team of expert electricians at Direct Point Electrical are always there at your service and the moment you call us, we will send our team to your doorstep, have them inspect your electrical system including the lines and circuits, find the fault and fix it.

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