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What is the good left in a vape if it breaks, cracks, or starts spitting? Nothing much, but if any of this happens to your vape device, it needs immediate attention! Don’t worry it can be avoided but requires little and prompt action. This unpleasant occurrence comes in your vaping and acts as a major obstacle to your vaping elux legend mini.

However, this could happen to both types of vapes, disposable vapes like elux legend mini as well as reusable ones. It is important to look at the solution and the ways how you can cut it down. As for the resolution, you must know the reason for these adverse conditions of your device. So let’s look into the most prominent reasons for such barriers in your vaping.

Most Common Reasons for vape crackling and spitting:

Not being able to enjoy your vape due to flooding of e-liquid and spilling is very disturbing. This is a problem faced by many vapers, including newbies as well as experienced ones. Since this is a usual problem, don’t worry if you face this, it could happen to anyone? In spite of this happening to both vape types, including disposable vapes like aroma king vape, most of the reasons apply to only reusable ones.

Regardless, this issue is ordinary, there are several reasons behind this. The most common reasons are overflowing the vape tank, passing an excessive amount of e-juice through the coil, and over-priming the coils. The reasons are one by one discussed below, so let’s get into a bit of detail.

Overflow of the tank of your device:

E-liquid is the major item of a vape device, it is a major substance in a vape without which vape can’t work. It does not mean that as much you use it as it adds to the flavour of your vape. In fact, filling your vape with more than enough amount of e-liquid can make your tank overflow.

Overflowing means the e-juice will come out of the tank from somewhere, most probably it could be from the area where the tank and the mouthpiece connect or it can go towards the coil. In both cases, it’s bad for your device and makes your vape spit. (Could also be a case with disposable vapes?)

Passing the e-liquid rapidly from a coil of your vape:

It is one of the main and most prominent functions of a vape device to pass the e-liquid of a vape like 88 vape e liquid. When you draw a puff from your vape the e-liquid goes down to the coil from the tank, and then the coil makes it heated. 

It is the normal function of a vape to process the e-liquid to make the vape produce vapour, but what happens if one vape passes more than a sufficient amount of e-juice through the coil frequently. It will make the vape create crackling noise. To avoid this you make sure you check the amount of e-liquid you put in your device’s tank and make sure you keep a gap between the draws you make meanwhile vaping elux legend mini.

Over-Priming the coils:

Regardless of the vape type, disposable vapes as well as reusable ones the coil acts the same for each.  In opposition to the stated point, the coil can work completely different if you prime the coils over. This simply means that heating up the coil more than necessary will definitely cause a crackling sound. Most importantly it will not just irritate you but also make your vape taste bad.


Despite the problem of vape crackling and spitting is common, this is one of the issues which requires quick action to get resolved. Whether you use disposable vapes or other types of vapes, it can happen to any of those. The reasons for this are worse happenings to your device which can ruin your vaping. Therefore, in order to avoid this, read all the aforementioned reasons thoroughly.


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