Entrepreneurs, Why Do You Need A Business Coach?

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The life of an entrepreneur, loving what you do, being motivated, failing, bouncing back and chasing after clients. Business coaching, we don’t even think about it. Perseverance, courage, we warned you. A few clients, a lot of energy, doubt, loss of self-confidence, the negative spiral of the entrepreneur. And one day, a meeting. New customers, turnover, profitability, we find the path to success thanks to an entrepreneur coach!

Entrepreneurship, first success, first failure

We sometimes quickly forget the difficulties of doing business: not enough customers, not fast enough. Income sawtooth, the activity develops, but not at the right speed. So, we jump on every opportunity, we don’t spare our efforts.

Need help, support?

Not really. An entrepreneur has to manage. It is in crises that we see if we are really part of the club of entrepreneurs, of the real ones. Well, we would like some tips and tricks quickly done, well done.

And then, in the others, radio silence.

Nobody complains, everything is fine. So, you feel alone, even useless, it only happens to you. Between us, we have all gone through these moments of great lows. Why be silent? Modesty, forgetting difficult times or quite simply it is better to make people want than to complain.

Anything but coaching!

So begins the obstacle course.

First there are the friends, the family who explain how to do it. They also remind us that it’s “very complicated to set up a box”.

Finally, they seek above all to reassure themselves, they have not made your choice and in view of your difficulties, they are happy to have remained employees.

Conferences, videos, Blog, You Tube channel, you peck on the left, on the right, you note, your to do list grows longer. We know what to do and we feel guilty because we do nothing.

To learn alone is not nothing, and to set priorities is to decide, to choose. We don’t know where to start, everything seems important.

And then, one day, an entrepreneur speaks, recounts his journey, talks about his coach. We listen, we are ready, we allow ourselves to be guided and we find a positive energy.

What is a business coach for?

A business coach helps to take a step back. An external eye that listens without judging, yes, but not only. It is a guide, to be motivated, supported to overcome obstacles.

Why work with a coach when you are an entrepreneur?

Saving time

The coach offers know-how, tools and proven methods that he has applied to successfully develop his simple planning

Make better use of your resources

Make choices, decide, define your priorities, you will devote time to actions that have an impact on the objectives set.

Rely on your talents, develop other skills

Re launch means putting your qualities into action, those necessary to carry out your mission as an entrepreneur. Goodbye brakes and limiting beliefs, no more excuses! 

Achieve your goals

The coach is your partner, you are accountable to him. Each month, we talk about the achievements, about what went less well. Then come the actions to come and the objectives to be achieved.

How to choose your business coach?

A meeting, affinities, yes and qualities too. Objective skills, experience, a person who knows my job, who knows the life of an entrepreneur.

Personal qualities, also relational: love to make others grow. Listening, and honesty, saying things with kindness to help you move forward, not to please you.

Choosing a coach when you are an entrepreneur is an important, engaging decision. You entrust your future to her, you count on her, on her to launch your activity, to take a step forward. 

How to find the rare pearl? Here are five tips for finding the right entrepreneur coach for you. 

How does a business coach work?

You still wonder how it goes on a daily basis.

Being accompanied means milestones, sharing, questioning and a human adventure for you and your coach.

Employed for 17 years, I created my consulting activity in 2006. Since 2017, I have been supporting other consultants, other coaches to find clients.

I define with them their strategy to be visible to their target, I transmit my tools and I am also their mentor. A guide is my vision of the entrepreneur coach.

Experience, expertise and honed, too

Want to speed up your business? Being accompanied is above all an encounter. I offer you one hour of free coaching, to take stock of your activity and also to get to know each other and see if we want to move forward together!


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