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External Hard Disk SSD or HDD


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SSD (Solid State Disk) drives are progressively replacing the classic HDD (Hard Drive Disk), due to the growing popularity, performance, and cost of the former.

While it is true that the price per megabyte of solid-state drives is still considerably higher than that of HDDs (although the trend is downward), the technology is going towards SSDs and there will come a time when HDDs will practically disappear From the market.

If you are still hesitating between buying an external hard drive HDD or SSD, take a look at all the advantages offered by external SSD drives:

  • An SSD drive with no mechanical parts is less likely to be damaged by accidental shocks, making it safer when transporting or moving.
  • SSD drives are quieter as they do not have moving parts that can make some noise (for example the magnetic arm of the HDD).
  • The speed of solid state drives is infinitely higher than that of a magnetic HDD. You will notice this in the loading speed of your programs (whether loading a PS4 or Xbox One console game, making a backup copy of your important files, or starting up any computer).

The smallest and fastest SSD we’ve tested is the WD MyPassport SSD, backed by thousands of positive reviews on Hafeez Center Online and available in multiple colors.

External SSD for Mac

As a Mac user, it sometimes takes extra effort to find hardware compatible with Apple devices. It is not an exception when it comes to looking for SSD external hard drive.

External drives usually come with the NTFS file system, which makes them perfectly compatible with Windows computers, but in Apple systems, you have to use specific software to write data (for example NTFS for Mac Driver) or reformat the disk to a format compatible (using tools such as Mac OS X “Disk Utility”).

If you want an external SSD hard drive for Mac ready for use without prior pre-formatting, drivers, or software installation, the most interesting models for quality and price on the market are the Western Digital MyPassport SSD and the Sandisk Extreme Pro.


500 GB of external SSD is the minimum size available in most brands and therefore this is where we can afford to spend a little more to enjoy a solid high-end external drive.

We have already commented in this article that the protection through fingerprint access or the ultra-reduced weight and size make the Samsung T7 Portable the best 500 GB external SSD on the market, being an affordable device compared to the prohibitive prices of larger capacities.

If you don’t need a lot of storage space for what you want to save or you don’t mind deleting files from time to time, we recommend that you give this marvel from Samsung a try. However, if you want to see other 500 GB SSD external hard drive options, click on the following button and evaluate for yourself:


A rung above the 500 GB in price and capacity (normally maintaining performance), we have the classic 1TB SSD external hard drive. With this capacity, we begin to have space so we don’t have to worry about deleting old files to make room for new ones.

If you want the drive to install an operating system may be 500 gigs are over, but if you’re looking to safely store relatively large backups, or simply use it to quickly run console games or watch large movies, the best option is It’s a 1TB external SSD.

If you need a 1TB external SSD drive that doesn’t weigh much, is easy to transport, and is resistant to shocks and data theft, one of the best options is the WD My Passport SSD 1TB, with models available in various colors. But there are more models of external 1TB SSD.


2 TB is the ideal capacity for an external SSD since it meets most situations in which we need to store information (large backups, backup of many Playstation or Xbox games, or storage of large amounts of videos and photos).

If a 2TB external SSD is going to cost you, check out our 2TB HDD external hard drive guide. Maybe for what you are looking for you do not need the power of an SSD and you can save a few euros by buying an HDD.

The best-selling 2TB external SSD hard drive on the market (and our favorite for price and quality) is the Sandisk Extreme Pro.


If you need a large capacity external drive and money is not an issue for you, why not get a 4TB SSD external hard drive? If you need a lot of space and do not want to give up the power and performance of an SSD, our recommendation is the new generation WD My Passport SSD 4 TB drive from Western Digital.

Free up space on your computer in a matter of seconds and comfortably take your files wherever you want.

Tired of excessive load times on your Playstation 4 or Xbox One? Tired of deleting games you like to make room for new ones? With a 4TB SSD external drive, forget about these problems. All the photos, videos, or songs you can imagine, at the speed of sound on your WD.


Deals and bargains can be found on Hafeez Center Lahore if you look hard enough, but who has time to search for discount external SSDs? In this article, we make it easy for you, click on the following button and you will see the offers that are available at all times for external SSD drives for laptops, desktop computers, television, Ps4, Xbox One, TV, etc.


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