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Ernest Khalimov, known as GigaChad on Instagram, is a marketing guru who is encouraging others to quit their jobs in order to take the time to hunt for inspiration.

Introduction to GigaChad

I’m Chad, the founder of GigaChad.com, and I love finding inspiration for my daily life. Whether it’s finding a new way to save money or following a new trend, I find that inspiration in everything I do.
I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite sources of inspiration with you all. Whether it’s inspiring articles, pictures, or videos, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

The first place I look for inspiration is online. I love browsing through different websites and finding new and interesting articles to read. A couple of my favorite sources of online inspiration are Lifehacker and WebMD. Both sites have tons of great information on everything from health and wellness to cleaning tips and more.

Another great source of inspiration is pictures. I love taking pictures of everything around me and scrolling through Instagram looking for beautiful photos to Inspire Me Daily. There are so many beautiful photos out there that it’s hard not to find something to Inspire Me Daily!

Finally, I love watching videos. From how-to videos on YouTube to inspirational speeches on Vimeo, there’s always something inspiring to

Influences on GigaChad’s Life

Being born in the Midwest, GigaChad has had a unique influence in his life. Growing up, he was surrounded by farmlands and rolling hills, which gave him a love for the outdoors. This love of nature has shaped his work as an online entrepreneur and has played a big role in his company’s success. At GigaChad, we believe that inspiration comes from all around us, so we are always looking for new ways to connect with the world. Here are a few of the inspirations that have influenced GigaChad’s life:

1. Steve Jobs- GigaChad admires Steve Jobs for his passion for innovation and his ability to lead Apple to great success. Jobs was always looking for new ways to improve products and services, and this passion has influenced GigaChad’s own approach to business.

2. Bill Gates- Gates is known for being one of the founders of Microsoft, one of the world’s largest software companies. He is also known for his philanthropy, including donations to education and health causes. GigaChad sees much of himself in Gates’ character, and he learned a lot from him about how to

What is Inspiration Hunting?

Inspiration hunting is a methodology employed by digital nomads and entrepreneurs to find new ideas and inspiration. It involves constantly gathering new information and ideas, both online and offline, in order to stay creative and motivated.

According to research conducted by Nomad List, inspiration hunting is one of the most important activities for digital nomads and entrepreneurs. The reason is simple: without inspiration, they may become stale and risk becoming sidelined in their field. In fact, almost a third of people surveyed reported feeling less inspired since starting their freelancing or entrepreneurial journey.

What’s more, some 38% of respondents said that they have abandoned projects because they could not find new ideas to keep them inspired.

Simply put, inspiration is essential for any creator—whether you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur. If you can’t find it, you might as well give up!

If you are looking for something fresh to keep your creativity going then inspiration hunting may be the solution for you! According to Nomad List research, a lot of creative people struggle with staying inspired which can lead to stagnation or even abandonment of projects if not managed correctly. While there are many

How do Inspiration Hunts Work?

When you’re looking for fresh ideas, where do you turn? You could read a magazine or hop on Google and start browsing through articles. But what if you’re on vacation and don’t have access to the internet? What if you’re at home, but your creativity is running low? That’s where inspiration hunts come in handy.
A typical inspiration hunt is an online challenge set by a blogger or a website. The challenge asks entrants to find a certain type of inspiration, such as creative writing, decorating, recipes, or travel. Once they’ve found the inspiration they need, they’re asked to write about it. Most usually require participants to post at least one entry per day for a set amount of time (usually one week). At the end of the week, the best entries are compiled into a post and shared with the world.
Ideas generated during an inspiration hunt can be used to jumpstart your own creativity or help stimulate new thoughts about an old topic. They can also lead you to new sources of information that you may not have considered before. Whatever the reasons behind using an inspiration hunt, there’s no doubt that they can be helpful when it comes to sparking new ideas and refreshing your creative processes.

Stories Of Some Hunt Challenges

GigaChad has been hunting all around the US and Canada for last couple of years now and this has given him a lot of hunting knowledge, so he wanted to share it with his friends. Just like any other sport there are some challenges you face when hunting. Here are some of them:

-Finding Enough Game: Hunting is all about finding animals that can provide meat that can last over a long period of time with little effort. One way to increase your chances of finding game is to look for animal tracks in areas where they have been seen recently. This will signal to the game that there may be an opportunity to hunt there. Another way to find game is by using spot and stalk hunting methods. When you spot an animal, get close without making too much noise and wait for the animal to move before stalking it. This will allow you to get a closer look at the animal and make sure that it is what you were looking for.

-Winter Hunting Tips: Hunting in winter can be quite a different experience than hunting in other seasons because there are less animals around and they are more adept at hiding, making it harder to track them down. The best way to hunt in winter is by using tracking dogs or


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