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Home decor wall panelling ideas


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One of the popular ways of decorating the walls is to create panels on them. Wall panellings can add elements to the interior of your house.  High pressure laminates are primarily used in the installation of walls to create several both classic and Home decor styles. Textured laminates are low on maintenance that makes them even more ideal for using on the walls inside of a room.

When looking for laminates, we always prefer low-maintenance texture laminates for wall panelling. Royale Touche provides you with durable laminate sheets with a contemporary laminate design. In this article, we have tried to give you an idea about some of the best wall panel design ideas suitable for your home decor.

Wall panelling ideas to add to your interior

Wall panelling is the most effortless way of adding structure to a somewhat featureless room. This also doubles up as a practical choice for giving an extra layer of protection to the walls. By using different textures and patterns of laminate sheets, it is possible to create a variety of styles in wall panels.

  • Rustic vibe

For bringing that countryside vibe into your living room, going for a rustic theme is the way to go. You can achieve such a look by going for a textured laminate that resembles raw timber with broad unpolished wooden panels all over the walls. Such an interior is sure to exhibit a warm rustic vibe within the comfort of your own house.

  • Combine different textures

Combining two different textures or colours is a great way of creating a contemporary modern vibe in your bedroom. Set two different colours or two different patterns  in contrast to each other for creating a stunning visual.

  • Imitate wood panelling

Instead of using real wood panels on your walls go for wood finish laminates that will give the illusion of real wood. Such designs are perfectly suited for your dining area which should look warm and welcoming.

  • Kitchen panelling

Do not limit your wall panelling to your living or bedrooms, strategically placed wall panels can make your kitchen appear sleeker. Use open panel shelves to display different kitchen appliances. But acrylic laminates are the best choice for using in the kitchen as they are easy to clean off grease and dust.

  • Panels in place of tiles

An out of the box way of using wall panels is to place them instead of tiles in your bathroom. Replace the regular wall tiles of your bathroom completely or partially to create an edgy bathroom interior. High pressure laminates that can withstand moisture and water are suitable for such purposes.


Some maintenance tips for wall panelling

Panelling includes the process of layering one material on another over a wall. As you might observe cladding on interior walls maintenance of texture laminates are required. You can protect your favourite laminate design through a full-proof cladding maintenance process. Let’s find out the finest tips to maintain your wall cladding.

  • You don’t want stains on the cladding panels at any cost. So, to avoid stains, you need immediate action. Stains on high pressure laminates caused by jams, tea, milk, wine, coffee, syrups and soaps are easy to clean. But you need to avoid tough stains from cranberry, beetroot, concentrated fruit juice, caramel and bleach to save your sets of laminate design.
  • You need to make a regular dusting schedule to maintain the sheer appeal of high pressure laminate wall panelling. Just use a dry brush or a soft damp cloth to wipe the surface clean.


  • Selection of proper cleaning ingredients is crucial as chemicals like chlorine and bleach can damage the laminate surface. Use mild household cleaners that are non abrasive in nature to clean the wall panels.


  • Whether you’re trying wall cladding laminates for the first time or struggling to prevent cladding quality, you should get help from professional contractors. As an experienced professional who knows some tried-and-tested methods, your desirable laminate design will be in safe hands. The investment on high pressure laminates will be efficient with seasoned experts because they have top-tired quality services and techniques. Hence, the experts will let you the satisfaction that the laminates in your property work and looks incredible.
  • Choosing suitable washing methods for wall cladding laminates is very important. Vacuum cleaning is the easiest option for cleaning high pressure laminates. On the other hand, the aqueous mixture of trisodium phosphate (TSP) is a great cleaning agent for the laminates. This alkaline cleaning agent can work as a wonderful degreaser on the texture laminates.


Why choose Royale Touche Laminates for wall cladding?

Royale Touche laminates are highly durable for both interior and exterior wall cladding. Moreover, if you want to save some money while installing the wall panelling with texture laminates, Royale Touche is the one-stop solution. The range of laminate designs from Royale Touche is not only long-lasting but also eye-catching.

In a nutshell

Wall panellings are effective for interior designing, but they just need some primary maintenance. So, if you’re planning to install high-pressure laminates in interior wall panels, look no further than Royale Touche. To discuss your specifications and requirements, you can visit our website.



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