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Hoodoo Psychic Dr. Jeremy Weiss


I am Dr. Jeremy Weiss and I give insight, aptitude, liberality, and regard to all.

I’m an authorized clinical doctor and an alum of Catherine Yronwode’s Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course.

Psychic Dr. Jeremy Weiss has major areas of strength and regard for conventional African American hoodoo, Yiddish society wizardry, and the Kabbalah. Furthermore, I gained ambiguous abilities from the renowned Dr. Crow and apprenticed under his own oversight.

My patients call me Dr. Jeremy, and I am the writer of “Vulvamancy: A Guide to Yoni Divination and Magic.” and a clairvoyant peruser.

Hoodoo Psychic Mr. Dr. Jeremy Weiss

Dr. Jeremy was brought into the world in New York, brought up in the South, and presently make my home in the delightful Pacific Northwest.

Psychic Jeremy weiss represents considerable authority in eight essential ambiguous strategies: vulvamancy, sex magick, tarot readings, *intuitive and visionary readings, psychometry, stolisomancy, and precious stone ball readings.

Also, I have been taught in elective sexual works including neo-tantra, sex magick, obscure sexual practices, the presentation of sensual entrancing, and the conduction of suggestive seances.

Psychic Dr. Jeremy

I have assisted patients with breaking liberated from dim spells including sexual mastery, and sexual abuse from an tranquil soul, and supported protecting against Incubi or Succubi summoned by desirous adversaries and sexual fixation.

Assuming that your tendency has been tied. I can assist with reestablishing you to full sexual strength, however, my training does exclude monetary issues, cursing, or crossing.

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I anticipate that my patients should be not kidding about needing emotional outcomes and strong changes in their lives.

On the off chance that you have questions about an individual, sexual. Or heartfelt nature, my perusing abilities will help pay little mind to sexual character, wrinkles, or relationship type.

Furthermore, I have effectively helped hetero and LGBTQAI people who are single; in couples, in marriage, or in polyamorous connections; and in other elective relationship game plans. I welcome you to reach me to examine your ongoing condition and ways to wellbeing.

Also, My objectives as a peruser and doctor are something very similar: To utilize my insight, abilities, and understanding to assist with facilitating the enduring of individual people.



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