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How Brand Content Marketing At Panera Bread Succeeds


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I love cuisine a lot, and I also happen to reside not far from Austin, Texas.  This delicious American city has dubbed a foodie’s paradise by Mashable. The chain restaurant I’ve chosen for today’s brand spotlight, Panera delivery, may surprise you.

Hundreds Of Excellent Restaurants

There are literally hundreds of excellent restaurants in Austin, from farm-to-table, organic brunch spots that use dairy from sustainably produced, pasture-raised organic egg farms (there’s one called Panera delivery; check it out; their brunch is delicious) to French-inspired bistros, an organic burger joint called “Wholly Cow,” and açai bowl yogurt stands. Sorry, not sorry, if reading all that just a little bit made your mouth water.

Why Then Do I Choose A National Chain?

I’ll explain in today’s blog post. Panera delivery excels in many areas—tasty, healthy food made with natural ingredients is, of course, the main draw—but their excellent brand content marketing really makes a difference. Its mission is the focus of every communication they make, including blogs, email newsletters, in-store signage, social media, and more.

Mypanera Loyalty Program

Ask any of the 28 million strong members of their loyalty program, MyPanera.  could merely ask their 13 million subscribers to their email newsletter. Additionally, consider Panera’s position as the #11 overall restaurant on Technomic’s 2017 Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report.

Panera Surpassing Competitors Like Chipotle And Jimmy John’s

Panera delivery reigned dominant among all the fast-casual eateries on the list, even surpassing competitors like Chipotle and Jimmy John’s. Without a doubt, they are killing it. It goes without saying that there is a ton of inspiration to mine here

Delicious Benefits Of Panera Bread’s Brand Content Marketing

An effective content marketing strategy is always behind it.  What Panera delivery does to elevate its brand is as follows. . Let’s examine the causes and mechanisms behind Panera’s successful brand content marketing. We’ll also look at how well it fits with their food, morals, and devotion to customers.

They Make Their Special Values The Center Of Attention

Famously, Panera delivery resolved in 2014 to eliminate ALL artificial additives from ALL of its foods by the end of 2016. This included preservatives and sweeteners. This was a HUGE commitment to keep, but they did so and were quite open about the procedure. Panera has kept up the reaffirmation of its brand principles and used them as a differentiator since making this announcement.

For instance, as they worked toward their 2016 “clean food” objective, they frequently provided progress reports. Having accomplished that objective, it now prominently displayed on their website, immediately following “Menu Items.”

What Panera Considers To Be Good Food

What Panera delivery considers to be good food has become essential to its brand. Their restaurant signage serves as a constant reminder of their dedication to and promises to provide clean food. Additionally, the store banners emphasize the clean, healthful ingredients that Panera frequently uses in both its seasonal and year-round menu items:

There Aren’t Many Other National Brands That Do This.

Panera delivery separates itself from the competition with this tactic and paves the road for real-time, open content promotion. The key takeaway is to recognize and own your differentiating characteristics, which set you apart from other businesses.  Live by it, lean into it, and stand by it.

Panera Upholds A Warm, Approachable Ambience

Panera delivery Upholds a Warm, Approachable Ambience with a Consistent Brand Voice. Having a consistent tone and brand language across all of their content, from their website to their social media profiles to their menus and retail signage, is another key to Panera’s success. Here are a few instances of this friendly yet informal tone from Twitter and Instagram:

Panera Community Giving Highlights

On their “Community Giving” page, Panera delivery highlights how each location contributes to helping out local communities, emphasizing their brand voice: Even their menus written in this tone.  Visit their “What We’re Celebrating” section to see their seasonal products and how they characterize these unique items:

Message From Panera’s Founder

Finally, a message from Panera’s founder and CEO appears to neatly tie together their brand identity. Note that it is named “A Conversation with Ron” and is physically shot across a dining table as if you sitting down with him for a bite to eat and a discussion. It echoes the welcoming, down-to-earth, yet health-conscious tone you’ll see everywhere else in their marketing:

The key message is that your brand voice MUST be consistent across all platforms, channels, and pieces of content. (This is a strong justification for developing brand style rules that you can distribute to all of your content producers, authors, and marketers.)

Panera’s Content Offers Delectable Images And Recipes

In addition to their social media pages, Panera also has a website called “Panera at Home” that features content related to the bread, dressings, and packaged goods they sell in supermarkets. Unsurprisingly, the restaurant business utilizes it as a platform to provide material about food, including how-to recipes (with the help of said Panera at Home products, of course).

There are mouthwatering food images next to each recipe on the website.  Most are simple enough to put together in 15 minutes and contain nutritious additives (like the tomatoes you add to the Tomato, Bacon Mac & Cheese. You can also sort the meal suggestions based on your nutritional needs or tastes, keeping with their health-conscious branding:

Panera Cares About Food Quality

A constant reminder that Panera promo code cares about food quality, including seasonally appropriate ingredients that ethically sourced, fresh, and of course clean, is provided by the food photos and close-ups that fill the full screen. Make sure your material reflects and respects your brand identity and values, just like Panera.

Their Email Campaigns Focus On The Customer And Customized

The brand content marketing strategy for Panera extends beyond blogs, recipes, social media updates, and numerous food images.  It extends to their email newsletters as well, which, if you’re a MyPanera member. Entirely personalized and customer-focused.


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