How to develop an Esports website in 2022

How to develop an Esports website in 2022

The esports industry is one of the fastest-growing verticals of the iGaming industry. The increasing trends in esports have a great influence on the iGaming industry. As competition continues to grow between operators, the operators need to offer effective esports platform development solutions to the users. Esports have various games involved such as counter-strike, league of legends, overwatch, and many more. These games are played in different events and tournaments of esports. The esports industry is also rising in revenue generation as well as viewership. As per the statistical records, the global esports revenue will rise by more than $ 1 billion. As per Newzoo’s records esports audience reaching to 495.0 million people in 2020. They said that the average revenue per Esports player will be up 2.8% from 2019. The business insider also said that esports revenue will reach more than $ 1.5 million by 2022. 

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What is Esports?

Esports involve video games that are treated as professional sports and played by the audience at large. There are large tournaments held for the players where players can earn a huge amount of money.  Dota 2,  counterstrike, league of legends, and starcraft are some of the famous esports games, sponsored by various investors. 

Esports is also growing in terms of viewership and revenue generation. Some online streaming platforms such as twitch and youtube had an audience of 1.28 million people globally. The number of investors increases with an increased number of users. 

Esports Market Analysis

The global market of esports will generate revenue of more than $ 1 billion with a growth rate of 15.7% yearly. As per the statistics by Newzoo, consumer spending on tickets is $ 121.7 million with an audience of 495 million this year. They anticipate that the average revenue per fan will increase to $ 5.27 by 2023. 

According to experts, esports also generate revenue from investors of $ 1.6 billion. The highest prize money earned by the team in esports was more than $10 million. It is expected that 15.5% of internet users will watch esports tournaments once a month. The experts analyzed that the esports industry will reach a revenue of $905.6 million.

There are more than 20,000 participants in the esports industry therefore, the world esports association develops service structures for different regions. They take appropriate steps for the tournaments, schedules, rules, pay shares for gatherings, and many more. 

Esports Genre

The latest growing iGaming vertical is the esports vertical. It has various games involved in tournaments and events. These games are covered under the top esports genres. These top esports genres are as follows:

  • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games

This genre is known as real-time strategy video games, which are played between teams and individuals. It is based on head-to-head competition that involves killing other players or another team-based. It has members of five players with superheroes for each player. The popular MOBA games include League of Legends, Fortnite, and PUBG.

  • Fighting Games

Boxing and other fighting games were always popular among people. The fighting games in esports are also massively popular. Under this, the players attack each other, until the player’s life bar diminishes. Esports fighting games are exciting and engaging for the audience and always give real-life experience to the users. 

  • First Person Shooter Games

It is a popular game of esports that has contributed to rising competition in the iGaming industry. These games are simple and highly engaging in nature where the players need to aim, shoot, reload the weapon, and repeat. It involves fighting on a map with a team or individually. Halo, Call of Duty, and Counter-Strike is first-person shooter games. 

  • Real-Time Strategy Games

Real-time strategy games are the foundation of esports games. These games revolve around strategic gameplay where the player controls the troops to eliminate other teams. Some of the real-time strategy games are World of Warcraft and Starcraft. 

  • Card Games Battle

Card games are also popular in esports and are referred to as digital collectible card games. There are different versions of video games available in card games, like the Hearthstone game which was the leading digital card battle of 2020. 

  • Mass Multiplayer Role Playing Games

It is one of the fastest-growing esports genres that include Warcraft, Everquest, and many more games. This genre is popular for its range of games as well as popular characters. Recently the warcraft arena world championship offered a $280,000 price pool to the players. 

Essential Features for Esports Website

As technology is increasing day by day, it creates a huge opportunity for investors to develop their esports business. To develop an esports website the operators must consider these features as follows:

  • The events should be easily accessible and available for the users.
  • Match reports should be appropriate without any hassle.
  • The users must be able to develop tournaments on their own. 
  • They must be able to create their team and choose members by themselves. 
  • The website must be responsive and user-friendly. 
  • A custom leaderboard and tournament manager option must be available for the users. 
  • The social networking features must be available for users to build their social networks with others.
  • All additional features such as forums, alternate choices for games, activity feed, and chat options must be added to the website for the users. 

Create an Esports Tournament Website

Esports tournament websites make it possible for the players to track their games and events properly. The esports tournament websites have a wide range of games and features available for the audience. The users can check the statistics and track the records of their tournaments. There are the following ways available for creating an esports website:

Esports Website Builder

This approach required the development of an esports website with the help of website builder sites. These website builders have different features available such as scheduling tournaments, match reports, leaderboards, and many more. The users can easily robust the management portal of their website through website builder by signing up. It has many website templates available for developing an effective esports tournament website. 


It is a popular approach to creating esports websites. It has plugins and themes available that enable users to develop a website. The themes are based on customized features that are helpful to build appropriate tournaments. The organizers need to buy web hosting, themes, and plugins and without any developers, they can build their website easily. 

Custom Development of Website

Attracting a large number of audiences and various features on a website is the most effective way to build an esports website. The organizers need to hire professional experts for building the website as per the requirements of the users. This approach helps in creating entertaining websites for users with the help of coding and programming features. The operators also need to consider the following factors for building custom development sites for the users:

  • Wireframing: While developing a website, wireframing is the first stage that decides the basic structure of the website.
  • Designing: once the structure is created, web design skills are implemented on the website for developing user-friendly interfaces for the users.
  • Development: It is an important part of the website that helps in making customized and responsive websites for the players.
  • APIs: An application programming interface has a set of protocols that discover interactive sites for users.
  • Quality Assurance: It is a test of a website in terms of design and development.  It also identifies the faults on the website.
  • Development and Operations: Development and operations of a website to analyze the intersection of software technology that reduces the process of the website. 


Esports is showing its popularity in the iGaming industry. As esports continue to contribute to generating a huge impact on the market, the organizers must opt for this opportunity and build an esports website for their users. There are various games played in tournaments and events to attract a large audience. The organizers must develop a platform with popular games and generate a huge amount of revenue in the business.


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