How To Start With Stretching Routines?

stretching routine

While more people are focused on getting bigger muscles and aesthetic physiques, seldom do they understand the importance and benefits of a proper stretching routine. Stretches can basically be of two types, either static or dynamic. While in the former, the person holds a particular position, the latter involves movement. If you are new to the fitness community and are contemplating including stretching routines in your daily workout, this article is a perfect read.

If you have never considered or indulged in stretching before, it might be quite uncomfortable at first. However, with gradual practice, your body will eventually get used to it. An individual stretch usually lasts from 10 to 30 seconds. Nevertheless, if it is still uncomfortable for you after a few days of practice, repeating the same routine can really help. Basically, you have to give your muscle some time to loosen up, after which it can easily extend properly.

Different Variations Of Full Body Stretch You Can Try

My name is Reece Mander, a professional fitness coach, and personal trainer and if you are looking to get fitter or more flexible, there are a number of full-body stretches you can try. As curated by Iron Man Magazine, here you will find some of the top stretch routines you should include.

Supine Hamstring Stretch

For this, you will have to lie flat on the floor with both your knees bent. Next, you will have to gradually straighten the left leg up, creating a roughly 90-degree angle as per the floor. Once done, place your hand behind your left thigh and pull the other leg towards the head. This might be a bit tricky to reach the leg with your hands on the first attempt. You can use a looped towel for this. Hold this position for about 30 seconds, and then repeat it with the other leg. You will have to repeat each lege at least 4 times. When properly done, you will be able to run with much more ease.

Hip Abduction

This is another variation you can try for better hip mobility. In this, you will have to start by lying down on your left side, with the right leg over the left. Bend the left leg a bit and lift the other one to about 45 degrees. Keep the leg up for 5 seconds and slowly lower it down in two. Repeat the whole thing 4 times with each leg, and you are done.

Trying these out will surely help with your overall fitness.


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