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Like every year when the fine weather arrives, we’re getting ready to swap our light clothes for a nice swimsuit ! Do you want to tone your figure and firm up to feel even better in your body? Swimming is the perfect sport with Lifeguard Training!

Thighs, buttocks, arms, abdominal strap… Swimming is an all-in-one sport that strengthens your whole body. So let’s grab our swim bag, and let’s get in the water!

Let’s go through zone-targeted exercises and the right equipment to intensify and vary our efforts. We have the dream silhouette around the water points!


Swimming is an activity that gently strengthens and refines our silhouette. It offers the advantage of working all the muscles for a toning of the whole body .

The advantage of this sport is that you will evolve in an aquatic environment, which therefore offers more resistance than air, while enjoying the many benefits of water . It is a non-traumatic sport because without impact.

Classic swimming sessions, lasting 45 minutes twice a week, are enough to get quick results. Remember that the key to maintaining the results of your efforts and seeing them last over time is none other than regularity . So, we don’t relax our efforts, and above all, we have fun during swimming sessions 🙂

Especially since this sport has another bonus effect: the resistance of the water and the draining effect reduce the appearance orange peel that invites itself on the thighs, buttocks or hips.


Whether you’re wearing a swimsuit or a little summer top, your arms are in the spotlight in the summer. So, to regain a bit of shape , we don’t hesitate to do a few lengths in the pool , which we will extend with a few aquatic pull-ups.

Placed facing the wall, we lean on the edge of the pool , arms bent. We make sure to tighten them well to go down in the water, then to go up with the only force of the arms. Repeat the movement ten times. And all with a smile!

If you are an experienced swimmer , after a few lengths without equipment to warm up, invite the pullbuoy to yourswimming session . Slipped between our legs, at the level of the thighs or the ankles, this accessory increases the buoyancy at the level of the lower body and makes it possible to immobilize the legs in order to concentrate all the efforts on the upper body. You will therefore feel your arms working more and can focus on your feelings in your upper body .

Also, you can opt for webbed gloves or swimming pads , to be used in combination with the pull-boy or separately, depending on the intensity desired. These accessories are to be placed at hand level and will allow you to increase the volume of water displaced during each movement, your thrust and your speed are therefore increased. Consequently, the muscular effort will be greater at the level of the upper body and more particularly of the arms .

By practicing swimming with this type of equipment , believe me, the results will be clearly visible! Toned and shapely arms are yours.


Tone and shape the lower body with swimming, it’s quite possible! The good news is that this sport doesn’t just work your arms or back, but your whole body, including your legs. To emphasize your lower body and tone you up with swimming, let me walk you through a few exercises.

The essential exercise to strengthen your legs in swimming? The beats ! Formidably effective for toning and shaping your legs, the beats come in many forms, to avoid you falling into monotony.

Bring a swim board which will be a buoyancy aid during your swimming exercises.kicking legs . Fully concentrate on your lower body , be sure to stay in a well-elongated position by using your abdominals . I told you, in swimming, all our muscles are used! For an effective kick, the movement must start from the hips and not from the knees. Hold the plank in front of you and perform a few length kicks . You will see, the sensations in the legs will quickly be felt!

To vary the pleasures, you can perform kicks on your back or on your side, the board always stretched in front of you and your body well sheathed.

And to continue in style, why not adopt fins ? But then short or long ? You choose ! I explain to you. Long fins

are preferred if you are looking for more muscular work on the legs and gluteal muscles. The long wing will indeed require a more intense effort from you to perform each leg movement. Short fins , on the other hand, generate a greater caloric expenditure and allow in-depth refining . So grab a kickboard , put on your flippers

, and get started in series of leg kicks for a curved and toned silhouette !

The breaststroke is also one of the best strokes if you want to strengthen your legs. The breaststroke scissor allows you to work many muscles and in particular to work the inside of the thighs. So don’t forget to stir to tone up!


All the strokes solicit, with more or less intensity, the abdominals . Swimming regularly will therefore strengthen your abdominal strap and tone this part of your body.

In order to optimize your sessions and your exercises in the swimming pool, remember to always hold on well when performing the movements. Sheathing allows you to optimize your swimming technique and improve the coordination of movements. It tones the stomach , strengthens the abs , for a toned abdominal strap , a flatter stomachand a drawn silhouette ! The benefits are therefore numerous.

In addition to very effective kicking exercises to work on your abdominal strap, I offer you a variation: undulations .

Again, you can bring a board to start, it will be a buoyancy support to allow you to carry out this exercise. On the stomach, on the back, on the side… There are many possibilities to tone yourself up without getting bored! The strong point of the undulations exercises? Quite simply, to do it well, you have no choice but to be sheathed! Your abdominals will thus be put to use and your abdominal strap will strengthen session after session.


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