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Paint Peeling: What Are the Common Causes and How to Deal with it

Interior Painters in Sydney

Imagine hosting a party at home and the chipping paint falling off into your guest’s plate! Isn’t it terrifying and embarrassing? 

Blistering paint falling into dishes can become a frequent scenario if you keep ignoring it, so before it embarrasses you, contact the nearest Interior Painters in Sydney and seek expert advice. For now, let’s understand the common causes that may lead to peeling paint so we can prevent peeling paint to some extent-

Interior Painters in Sydney
Interior Painters in Sydney

Overexposure to Water

Water is the biggest culprit for flaking paint in the interiors and exterior walls of your home or office. It penetrates through the layers of paint, causing it to separate from the surface. Once you see slight bubbles in your walls, understand that these are due to overexposure to water and will eventually lead to peeling paint. Commercial Painters in Sydney or near your place can help you with various ways to decrease the damage due to water and safeguard your walls.


Poor plumbing, clogged drains, low-quality pipes and other causes of leakage in the bathroom or kitchen can lead to the paint peeling from your walls. The high humidity and moisture combine to loosen the paint from the surface, eventually causing it to fall off. In the case of leakages, the wall on the other side faces the severity of the situation; for example, if your bathroom is on the first floor, the ceiling on the ground floor will have chipping paint.

High Humidity

If your house is in a high humidity zone, the moisture could seep into the walls causing the layers of paint to loosen and chip. However, if there is adequate ventilation in the area, the humidity will not have any adverse effect on your walls. Commercial painters in Sydney provide foolproof ways to prevent humidity from damaging the paint. By contacting them, you can seal the paint and ensure that it stays beautiful for a long duration.

Improper Surface Prep

The paint adheres well to a clean and even surface. If you paint on a surface with remnants of the old coating or dust, the paints won’t stick, and you will witness peeling within a short time. So, cleaning the surface adequately before painting is crucial to avoid peeling. Most interior painters in Sydney or near your place use water jet cleaning or other methods to eradicate the surface of dirt and ensure that the paints last.

Wrong Choice of Paint

Choosing the wrong paint for a surface can also lead to peeling. There are various types of paints for specific purposes. The oil-based paint is durable and most suitable for windows and panes. However, it doesn’t flow easily and takes a lot of time to dry. Similarly, the latex-based paint is comfortable to work with and is the best choice for interior and exterior walls. Professional interior painters in Sydney know which paint to use on a particular surface, so it’s wise to reach out to them before buying the paint.

Wrong Choice of Primer

The primer prepares the surface for better adhesion to the paint, and it also increases durability and ensures additional protection to the surface. However, if your choice of primer isn’t compatible with the paint, you will get none of these benefits. Instead, the paint shall be blistering within a short time, and you will witness patches on the wall.

Unprofessional Painting

If the interior painters in Sydney or elsewhere are a company that lacks experience, it shall be evident in their work. The result will be uneven painting that will blister within a few months. Here are a few after-effects of getting the wall painted by an inexperienced company.

Inadequate Layering

If the painter applies too much or too little paint on the surface, it shall do the same harm. With insufficient quantity applied, the paint shall not be able to protect the surface and soon wear away due to various factors. Instead, if you’ve had a heavy layering of paint, gravity will do its job and eventually bring it down.

Inconsistent paint application

When choosing different paint colours, select them from the same paint type. If you work with inexperienced interior painters in Sydney, they may choose a different paint type that will not stick together when combined.

Lack of Experience

Different surfaces may require a specific approach to painting; only then can the paint last longer. For example, we must always cure wood before painting because even when it seems dry, oils leaching out of wood could weaken the paint adhesion. If the painter doesn’t recognise the approach to painting a surface, the results may not be appealing and will not last.


Paint doesn’t last forever, so repainting your walls every couple of years is advisable. If you have stocked unused paint, try to utilise it at the earliest else, it begins to rot. Using bad paint is also a major reason for flaking walls. 


Painting doesn’t just glam up your walls; it adds protection to the structure and makes it last longer. Also, painting has various psychological benefits as it can instantly pep you up and enhance your well-being. So, choose the best interior painters in Sydney or your neighbourhood to paint and protect your building.



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