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Is There Difference Between Research Methodology and Research Method?


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There is a significant difference between research methods and research methodology. People often think that these two are identical concepts. But that is far from reality. Research methodology pertains to the system of methods used in academic research. But research methods are the practical steps, procedures and techniques used by the researcher to conduct research. This article will explain the differences between research methodology and research methods.

What Is Research Methodology?

Research methodology refers to the study of research methods. Research methodology is a subject that caters specifically to the study of research methods. It educates and informs the researchers on how to do research systematically. Researchers thoroughly examine the research methods used in the research. They study and learn different methods to generate legitimate, accurate and valid conclusions. It enables the researchers to choose and identify the appropriate research methods. It helps them select the best methods to investigate the research problem.

A researcher assesses different research methodologies to understand which one is more appropriate. The study of research methodologies enables the researchers to explain why the chosen research methods are essential. It helps the researcher justify the significance of the selected research methods in finding answers to the proposed hypothesis and research questions. Although it is easy but still most of researchers prefer to get dissertation writing help when working on their research.

The study of research methodologies enables the researchers to specify the logic behind the chosen research methods. Research methodology aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Help the researchers identify and select the suitable research methods for their research
  • Clarify the rationale behind choosing a particular research method
  • Ensure that the research methods are appropriate for analysing the specified problem and hypothesis

What Is A Research Method?

Research method refers to the processes, techniques and steps the researcher takes to investigate the specified problem. Also, it relates to the tools and procedures a researcher undertakes for data collection and analysis in research. The research method encompasses quantitative and qualitative research methods. A researcher selects either quantitative or qualitative methods for analysing the research problem. Case studies, survey methods, interviews, observations, focus group discussions, and experimental methods refer to the research methods.

Research methods are the steps taken by the researcher to collect data and conduct research. The objectives of the research method are to achieve the aims and objectives of the study. The aims and objectives of the investigation either seek to explore, validate, or test a hypothesis or theory. Every tool and instrument used in data collection, data processing, analysis, and drawing conclusions comes within the domain of research methods. Research methods aim to achieve the following objectives in academic research:

Data Collection

Research methods help the researchers in data collection. Researchers often have to collect primary data when the data on the research is insufficient.

Data Sorting and Analysis

Research methods equip the researchers with appropriate tools and techniques to sort, process and analyse the data. Research methods help researchers identify the trends and patterns in the data. They also enable the researchers to find answers to the research questions.

Validity and Reliability of Results

Research methods also involve processes and techniques that ensure research results’ validity and reliability. 

What Are The Key Differences Between Research Methodology And Research Methods?

  • Research methodology is the science of research methods. It informs the researchers which research methods are appropriate for research. On the other hand, research methods are the processes and tools used by the researcher to investigate the problem.
  • Research methodology concerns the study and evaluation of various research techniques. On the other hand, research methods involve steps such as survey methods, questionnaires and interviews.
  • Research methodology equips researchers to choose the appropriate methods for their research. It enables the researchers to clarify the selected methods for accurate research results. But research methods encompass methods and techniques to arrive at results and conclusions.
  • In a nutshell, the research method is the practical steps a researcher takes to find solutions to a problem. On the other hand, research methodology guides in choosing appropriate methods for finding a solution.

How To Write The Research Methodology And Methods Sections Of The Research Paper?

Research Methodology

Researchers can keep the following things in mind for writing the research methodology section:

  • First, the researcher will introduce the research methods he or she will use. The research methods can be either quantitative or qualitative. A researcher can also use a mixed-methods approach and explain their usage in the research.
  • The next step entails justifying the choice of particular research methods. Researchers must provide the rationale and the suitability of the chosen research methods.
  • All methodologies used in the research must be relevant, valid, and credible,
  • Specify the data collection and analysis methods and their importance in measuring and evaluating the specified objectives
  • Justify the appropriateness and relevance of every procedure and method used for data collection and analysis

Research Methods

Researchers can take the following steps to write the research methods section:

Research methods require explaining the tools and procedures used to collect and analyse the data. It requires specifying what specific tools were used. For example, primary data collection methods entail survey questionnaires and experimental methods. Researchers will have to explain the exact details of the procedures. For example, sample size, sampling techniques and the equipment used for empirical research.

Researchers have to indicate the inclusion and exclusion criteria. For example, when the researcher has to do secondary literature analysis. Researcher will have to specify the inclusion and exclusion criteria for choosing the documents and literature. For example, based on relevancy and time.

  • Requires citation of every source that helped the researcher in choosing the specified research methods
  • Methods section entails specifying the research design. For example, the tools and software used for data collection and analysis.
  • Inclusion of statistical tools and techniques used to organise and analyse the data


Research methodology has a much broader scope than research methods. It is because research methods are derived after studying the research methodologies. The study of research methodologies enables the researchers to choose appropriate research methods.


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