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Jennifer Belle Saget | Biography, Family Life, Career And Relationship


Today’s article is about the daughter of late Mr. Saget, Jennifer Belle Saget, a public figure known for being an actress in various movies and TV shows.

Jennifer Belle Saget’s Childhood and family Life

Jennifer Belle Saget was born on May 10, 1971, in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of actor and comedian Bob Saget and actress Brenda Joyce. Saget has two sisters: Stephanie Sigman and Suzanne Saget.

Saget was first introduced to the public as the daughter of Bob Saget when she made a cameo appearance in her father’s 1992 TV showcase special, “The Adventures of Pete & Pete”. She followed up her performance with a series regular role on the short-lived CBS sitcom “The Nightmare Wheel” (1994-1995). In 1996, she appeared on an episode of Disney’s anthology series “That ’70s Show”.

In 1997, Saget landed her breakout role as Kimmy Gibbler on the ABC sitcom “Full House”, which ran for eight seasons until 1997. The show helped launch the careers of several child actors including John Stamos, Stephanie Tanner and Dave Coulier. After “Full House” came to an end in 1997, Saget appeared in several guest roles on TV sitcoms before landing a starring role in the teen comedy series “The Jennie Project” (2004-2005) opposite Molly Ringwald.

Since then, Saget has

Jennifer Belle Saget’s Career

If there’s one thing the Kardashian clan has taught us, it’s that a family name doesn’t always mean a person is destined for great things. Jennifer Belle Saget is the perfect example of that. The daughter of legendary comedian and actor Bob Saget, Jennifer started her career as a child actor on her father’s show “Full House” before landing roles in films such as “The Bad News Bears” and “Disney’s Teacher’s Pet.” Since then, she’s continued to work steadily in television and film, appearing in hit shows like “Sons of Anarchy” and FX’s upcoming series, “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.” So what does Jennifer Belle Saget have to say for herself? “I’m just an Average Joes daughter who happens to have some cool parents,” she says. “That’s all.”

Jennifer Belle Saget is not only talented, but humble as well. She credits her success to hard work and staying grounded despite being surrounded by fame her entire life. “Going through this process can be pretty tough,” she notes. “But I’ve learned to appreciate everything—both good and bad—because it makes me who I am today.” And who is that talented young woman?

Jennifer Belle Saget’s Relationship with her Father, Bob Saget

Jennifer Saget is the daughter of Comedy Central star and actor, Bob Saget. Saget and Belle have a close relationship, with the actress often posting about her father on social media. In fact, Belle even references him in her stand-up comedy routines. Belle has discussed her relationship with her father in several interviews, most notably during an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.
While discussing her new show, Don’t Trust the B—— in Apartment 23, Belle mentioned that she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to work with her father because he was “quite controlling” of his image. Colbert asked how this dynamic affected their relationship, to which Belle responded: “We’re really close … He’s my best friend. I love him to death.”
In January 2019, Belle posed for a pic with her father after they attended the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Brooklyn Nets. Captioned simply “Happiness,” the pic showed both actors having a good time at the game.
Belle has also spoken about how important it is for daughters to connect with their fathers, explaining that “You might not get too many chances as a daughter and you just have


Jennifer Belle Saget is an American actress and singer. After appearing in several television commercials, including one for Betty Crocker with her mother, she made her feature debut in the drama film Camp Nowhere (1999). She received critical acclaim for her performance as Alice Kaser in the mystery thriller The Haunting of Hill House (2018), which earned her a nomination for Best Actress at the Guillermo del Toro Film Awards.



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