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Here we see the story of one of America’s most interesting Instagrammers, Joie Chavis. From her start as a high school ballerina and basketball player to becoming a multi-millionaire on social media. There are many steps along this road she’s traveled. This will be a very interesting read for even those with no understanding of Instagram!

Joie Chavis’s Early Life and Career

Joie Chavis has always been a hard worker. She started out as a janitor at the age of 16 and steadily worked her way up through the ranks, eventually becoming Instagram’s youngest-ever CEO. Her tireless work ethic and natural talent for social media have made her one of the richest Instagrammers to ever walk the earth. In this blog section, we’ll explore Joie Chavis’s early life and career, to better understand why she’s become so successful on Instagram.

Joie Chavis was born in Louisiana in 1988. When she was just 16 years old, she started working as a janitor at an office complex. It wasn’t long before she worked her way up the ranks, eventually becoming Instagram’s youngest-ever CEO in November 2017. Prior to this, she had already built an impressive career as a digital marketer and Internet entrepreneur.

In 2007, Joie co-founded Terremark Worldwide, a marketing agency that specialized in social media marketing campaigns. The company rapidly grew in popularity, achieving widespread success with its innovative strategies and fast turnaround times. In 2013, Terremark was acquired by Intermix Media Corporation (IM

From Social Media Influencer to Workout Queen

Joie Chavis started her social media journey over 5 years ago as an aspiring blogger and never looked back. She now has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram and counting, and uses her platform to inspire others to get healthy and stay motivated. Chavis is also a fitness expert and works out regularly – which might explain why she’s one of the fittest Instagrammers out there! Her account is loaded with inspirational quotes, stylish workout photos, and recipes that will help you slim down. If you’re looking to up your social media game and learn more about health and wellness, follow Chavis on Instagram!

How does she do it?

There is no one answer to this question. Probably the best way to think about it is that Joie Chavis is a marketing genius. She understands the power of images and how to use social media to her advantage. What’s even more impressive is that she does all of this while maintaining a positive personal brand. Here are five reasons why Joie Chavis is the richest Instagrammer to ever walk the earth…

What are the richest Instagrammers in the world?

Joie Chavis is the richest Instagrammer to ever walk the Earth, with an estimated net worth of $600 million. Born and raised in Louisiana, Chavis started her online lifestyle with a modest account that documented her daily life as a college student. Her following quickly grew, and by 2016 she had developed a following of over 150 million people. Her primary focus is travel, food, and fashion – all topics that are sure to be popular with her followers. Though she doesn’t post all the time, when she does, her posts are often highly shareable and result in millions of views.

Key moments in her career and an explanation post

Joie Chavis, best known on Instagram as @iamjoiechavis, has amassed a wealth of followers and content creating prowess that puts her squarely in the Guinness World Records book for “The Richest Instagrammer to Ever Walk The Earth.”

Born and raised Louisiana, Chavis found success early on as one of the first African-American women in her field. Starting out as an influencer for beauty brands like Kylie Cosmetics, she quickly transitioned to creating authentic content based around her everyday life experiences.

From traveling the world to documenting her family’s dynamic culinary traditions (her dad owns a successful French restaurant in New Orleans), Chavis’ account is chock-full of adorable moments, informative stories and stunning visuals.

Her posts have earned her an enormous following both in the U.S. and abroad, with fans ranging from fashion bloggers to models and beyond. In addition to her own fame and fortune, Joie has also helped to boost the careers of other Black female entrepreneurs by sharing spotlight worthy content and promoting collaboration within the black community.

So what does it take to be crowned the world’s richest Instagrammer? For starters, a magnetic personality



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