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Leslie Aday | Married Life Review


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In the seventies, Leslie Edmonds married Meat Loaf and struggled in silence with his heavy drinking and drug addictions. She was last seen at an event on April 22nd, 2017 when she was talking to a friend outside of The Forum.

What is the story of Leslie Aday and Meat Loaf’s marriage?

Leslie Aday was born in 1937, and was the first wife of Meat Loaf. The two met while they were both performing on Broadway, and married in 1965. They divorced in 1977, and have one child together.

Story from Leslie’s perspective

I was dating Meat Loaf back in the day and we were really in love. We were going to get married and have lots of kids. But then he met his second wife and they had a child together. I never really recovered from that and ended up using drugs and getting into trouble. Years later, I finally got my life together and followed Meat Loaf and his family. When I saw them at a restaurant, I couldn’t help but approach them to apologize for what I did to their relationship back then. Luckily, they welcomed me with open arms. Today, I’m a happy grandmother and still love Meat Loaf deeply.

The marriage between Leslie and Meat Loaf

The union between Leslie Aday and Meat Loaf was tumultuous from the start. The two had a very different work schedule, and both were famous celebrities with busy schedules. Despite their incompatibility, they were married in 1978 and divorced in 1983. During their marriage, they had one child together- a daughter named Tina.

After their divorce, Leslie struggled to get back into the entertainment industry. She opened her own restaurant and tried to resume her career as a singer, but these attempts were unsuccessful. Leslie died of cancer in 2004 at the age of 57.

Their children

Leslie Aday and Meat Loaf were married from 1977 to 1984. They had three children together. They divorced in 1984.

How her children impacted the couple’s relationship

In 1971, Leslie Aday met Meat Loaf at the Dark Shadows set where he was starring in a musical. The two of them married shortly after, and for the next few years, Leslie acted as both children’s nanny and primary caregiver. It was during this time that the couple’s relationship started to deteriorate, in large part because Leslie was burdened with taking care of her two young children while also trying to maintain a close relationship with her husband. “He had to work so much and I was home taking care of the kids. We were just not on the same page. We certainly weren’t communicating well,” she says. “There were lots of issues – money problems, fighting about who should do what – but nothing came of it until pretty much right before we divorced.”

While their relationship ultimately fell apart, Leslie says that she takes some pride in knowing that she helped shape Meat Loaf into the successful musician and actor that he is today. “He had such a rough start – he worked so hard to build his career from scratch – and I definitely played a role in that. I feel like I gave him a lot of stability

Stories about Leslie during their time together

Leslie Aday was the first wife of Meat Loaf. They were married for 13 years before divorcing in 1978. While they were married, they had two children together.

During their time together, Leslie was often referred to as Meat Loaf’s “secret weapon.” She helped him with songwriting and public appearances, and helped him achieve mainstream success.

Although their marriage ended in divorce, Leslie has since talked about her time with Meat Loaf in interviews and on stage. She credits him with teaching her about self- confidence and hard work, and she says that she still thinks of him fondly.

Services that she created

Since Leslie Aday is one of the most recognizable faces in the music industry, it’s no surprise that she has her hands in a lot of different pies. One of her services is as Meat Loaf’s first wife, and she has plenty of stories to tell about their time together.

“I was Meat Loaf’s secretary and then his personal assistant when we were married,” Leslie recalls. “And, through our relationship, I learned a lot about him. In fact, he’s an amazing person – he’s kind and loving and understanding.”

Of course, not everything was rosy in their marriage. “There were times when things didn’t go well,” Leslie admits, “but we always worked through them.” Despite their rocky start, Leslie says that she and Meat Loaf remain close to this day.


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