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Make-up Artist and Producer

Lori Anne Allison is a make-up artist and producer who has worked on some of the biggest movie productions in history. She has also worked on many television shows, commercials, and music videos. Lori was born and raised in Southern California. She started her career as a make-up artist working on movies such as “Titanic” and “Erin Brockovich”. After making a name for herself in Hollywood, she started to produce her own projects. Her productions have included TV series such as “Nashville” and “Bloodline”. Lori is an integral part of the Hollywood makeup community and is always learning new techniques.

Famous celebrity spouse

Lori Anne Allison is a make-up artist and producer. She has been married to singer/songwriter Rodney Atkins since 2003.


Entrepreneur Lori Anne Allison has always been interested in making a difference in her community. After working for several years as an assistant to a renowned make-up artist in New York City, she decided to start her own business. Allison is the owner of Lori Anne Makeup, which she started in 2006.

Allison’s main focus as an entrepreneur is on sustainability, and she takes great care to use natural ingredients whenever possible. She also produces all of her own products, which allows her to maintain complete control over the quality of her work and the environment in which it’s produced.

In addition to her own line of make-up, Lori Anne Makeup collaborates with other fashion brands to create limited edition collections that are sold exclusively through select boutiques. As a producer, Allison is constantly coming up with new ideas for products and collaborations that can add value to her clients’ businesses.

Allison’s dedication to her work and clients has led to numerous accolades and recognitions, including being named one of Forbes’ “30 Under 30: Shaping the Future of Entertainment” in 2013 and one of W Magazine’s “Women You Should

Social Media Influence

As a Make-up Artist, Lori Anne Allison has seen first hand how social media can be used to market and promote her services. In this blog post, she shares her tips on using social media platforms to increase your influence.

1. Establish a presence on social media platforms. While LinkedIn is the most commonly used platform for making connections with potential clients, other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can also be beneficial for promoting your artistry. Make sure to post relevant images and content that will attract followers interested in your work.

2. Utilize hashtags for added exposure. When using hashtags, make sure to include relevant keywords in your posts in order to get found by people searching for specific content related to your topic. For example, if you are a makeup artist and conducting tutorials, hashtag #makeupartisttutorials and #skincaretutorials so that your posts will show up alongside others related to those topics on Instagram and other social media platforms.

3. Use videos to explain your techniques and product reviews. Rather than simply posting images of your work, create explanatory videos that demonstrate how you achieve specific looks or discuss products you’ve used in


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