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Mirror on the Cellar Steps Find Your Love on Halloween


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In “Fables From Adams County, Illinois,” Harry M. Hyatt recorded a grouping of affection divinations to be performed on Halloween. A large number of these are gotten from society customs likewise kept in Ireland and Scotland. Here are only a couple, with Hyatt’s reference numbers included.

Give a name to an Apple that is suspended from a string on Halloween Eve, and assuming you prevail with regards to gnawing it, you are cherished by the individual named. (6717)

Drop apples into a tub of water at a Halloween party and the person who prevails with regards to gnawing an apple will be sure to wed. (6787)

On Halloween Eve place stemless apples in a tub of water; the principal individual, who by bouncing can lift an apple from the tub with his teeth, will be the first in the gathering to get hitched. (6788)

More Info:

Put a glass of water underneath your bed on Halloween and head to sleep in reverse, you will long for your future spouse. On the off chance that he gives you a beverage of water in a glass, he will be rich; assuming in a cup, he will be poor; yet in the event that he doesn’t offer you a beverage, you will be an old house keeper. (7137)

On Halloween put a bowl of water along the edge of your bed, switch off the light and hit the sack; then, at that point, raise up rapidly and investigate the water, and you’ll see the essence of your forthcoming mate. (7139)

Put a small bunch of chestnuts on the fire on Halloween, you can perceive the number of lovers that will see about getting married; for each chestnut that pops, a playmate will see about getting hitched. (6818)

On Halloween lay a column of chestnuts in the cinders along the edge of the chimney and name the nuts after young men and young ladies. At the point when the nuts become hot they will bounce. Furthermore, Any two nuts named for a kid and a young lady, hopping towards one another, demonstrates that they will wed; if the two nuts leap away from one another, the kid and the young lady represented won’t get hitched. (6878)

Mirror on the Cellar

On Halloween (Mirror on the Cellar Steps Find Your Love on Halloween) pour dissolved lead (molybdomancy) into a skillet of water by allowing the lead to go through the handle of a key. Anything device is shaped by the liquid lead will reveal that instrument with which your future spouse will work. (7191)

You can find your future mate by investigating a mirror on the basement steps. Do this on Halloween. (7005)

You can find your future spouse by investigating a mirror on Halloween. (7061)

On Halloween hold a flame in one hand and a mirror in the other hand, and stroll down the steps in reverse. You will find in the mirror the one you are to wed. (7006)

Lay a mirror topsy turvy under your cushion on Halloween, and as the clock strikes 12 PM, get up and investigate the mirror. You will see your assigned mate. (7062)

Rests on your back by a well on Halloween and hold a mirror over your head with the goal that you can see an impression of the lower part of the well. On the off chance that you are to wed, the image of your future wedded accomplice will show up in the mirror. (7144)

Put in a container of water on the table with a button, coin, nut, ring and stone. Blindfold yourself and with a spoon endeavor to scoop out one of the articles from the dish. Three attempts are permitted. In the event that you lift out the button, you will live in single blessedness; The coin, you will secure riches; the nut, you will work professionally; the ring, you will wed; and the stone, you will travel a rough street. This divination is normally taken a stab at Halloween. (6979)


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