Moroccan Scott Cannon | Biography, Birth, And School Life


Moroccan Scott Cannon might be the youngest and most talented actor out there! Let’s just say he can sing, dance, and beat box for hours on end in this short article about him.

What made Mariah Cannon decide to give birth?

When Nick Cannon announced he was pregnant with a son, many were surprised – after all, he’s been married to Mariah Carey for 15 years. But according to Nick, the two were always planning on having a child together.
“We wanted one together,” he said. “We weren’t planning on children for a while, but when we found out we were pregnant, our minds just kind of went blank and started preparing for the baby.”
Nick was eager to share the news with his fans, posting photos and videos of himself and Mariah’s son Moroccan Cannon daily on his Instagram account.
But even with all the online exposure, not everyone knows about Moroccan Cannon yet. So who is this little guy?
Born in early May, Moroccan Cannon is named after Nick’s late dad and music producer DJ Midi Mariah. “I named him after my dad because I always loved how down-to-earth he was,” Nick said.
“He wasn’t a flashy dad or anything – he just was cool and collected most of the time.” Luckily for Moroccan Cannon, his cool dad has already started passing that down to him – Nick says his son is calm and comfortable in any setting. “He

When did Nick and Mariah start dating?

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey first started dating back in 2001. They dated for 3 years before getting married in 2003.

They have three kids together and they are all very active on social media. Nick Cannon recently divulged that Moroccan Cannon is his newly born son!

How old is Moroccan Cannon?

According to TMZ, Nick Cannon’s son, Moroccan Cannon, was born on December 23rd. He’s reportedly just over 1 year old, and weighed in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces.

A source tells TMZ that Cannon and his wife Mariah Carey are “ecstatic” over the addition of their new son.

Where does he go to school?

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey welcomed their son, Moroccan Cannon, on Nov. 21. Cannon took to social media to share a sweet snap of his new family member and reveal that the new addition is already in school! “He’s already in school,” Cannon captioned a photo of Carey holding the newborn while he reads a book. “I’m so blessed!”

What are his interests like?

Nick Cannon has a new son!
We don’t know a ton about his son yet, but Moroccan Cannon is definitely destined for great things. We’re going to take a look at some of his interests and see what we can learn about this new addition to the Cannon family.
Nick Cannon has said that he and Mariah Carey are really enjoying their first year as parents. Judging by their several public appearances together, it seems that they are doing a stellar job of raising their son together. Moroccan Cannon seems to be into music, fashion and art. He was photographed with mom Mariah and sister Social Media Star Madison in New York City earlier this year modeling then Cashmere Blanket wearing outfit by NEW YORK KILLA COAT, presumably from his father’s line of clothing brands including Nick’s Clothing Line Madison Avenue and Moroccan Cannon Collection.
Since he was just born, we don’t have much concrete information about his interests or what he loves to do. However, with Nick being such an entertainer, it’s likely that his son will end up following in his footsteps one way or another. It will be interesting to watch him grow and develop over time!


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