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Smart Beginner Motorbike Repair Tips and Tricks


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Bike owners new to driving need to know a few maintenance and Motorbike Repair tips and tricks to help them get through any emergency without much hassle. Since your motorbike is a machine, it needs regular maintenance, which is impossible without knowing the easiest tricks. These easy tricks can also save you from being stranded on the road at any time and place. Go through all the beginner motorbike repair tips given below.

But before moving into a detailed discussion of the various tips and tricks, it’s more important to talk about the instruments that you need to keep ready. There are few instruments without which no repair and maintenance process can be carried out. These include open-end wrenches, tire levers, tubes, chain lube, cleaner, a tube patch kit, a paddock stand, and many more.

All these bike maintenance products are offered at CarOrbis, offered by top brands. CarOrbis is an online platform that offers all kinds of accessories for vehicles. So first, browse through the latest collection of maintenance accessories at budget-friendly rates that won’t break your bank. Then, choose the necessary products like gears for bike, bike puncture kits, and tire inflators, and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Top Beginner Motorbike Repair Tips:

With experience, old motorcycle owners learn a lot about keeping their vehicles updated. But as a new owner, you can face many problems if not everything is checked and repaired. So make sure that your motorbike has the following things checked.

Check Your Accelerators And Brakes Before Every Ride:

To avoid malfunctioning once you step out on the road with your vehicle, you must check a few things. First, ensure your tyres are inflated at the factory’s recommended rate and are not running out of air. Also, check all the bolts and the brakes to ensure a hassle-free and smooth drive. Finally, make a quick safety check of your vehicle and your daily routine before a ride.

Clean The Chain Regularly And Apply Tube:

The motorbike chain is the essential part that is the main link between the engine and the tyre. It is the central part of a motorbike through which the energy is transferred to the tyres from the engine. Dirt and grease on the chain hamper smooth functioning. Therefore the chain needs to be cleaned frequently and ensure that your chain is lubricated well. You can go for numerous chain care sets readily available in the market.

Inspect For Soot In The Spark Plug:

The spark plug tends to collect soot when used for a long time. Therefore inspect the spark plug thoroughly. If you find it weary, replace it as soon as possible. Generally, you can see a change in the colour of the spark plug from brown to black. This colour change indicates thick oil run on your engine or air mixture. The air and oil mixture is not proportionate if the colour is white. Consider checking your fuel injection in such cases to avoid unfortunate situations.

Clean And Change The Air Filter:

Every motor vehicle has an air filter that filters the air before reaching the engine. However, if not inspected and cleaned regularly, the air filter becomes clogged with dirt or dust, which might lead to improper combustion. Therefore, make sure that you clean the air filter during every service.

Moreover, if you live in a city where the pollution rate is higher, then it is recommended that you change the air filter twice a year.

Select The Best Engine Oil For Your Vehicle And Change It Regularly:

Selecting good engine oil that will perfectly suit your engine is very important. Pouring the wrong engine oil in your engine will cause considerable damage and lower productivity. You must have been given a user manual when purchasing your vehicle. Check the recommended engine oil and change it daily for the smooth functioning of your vehicle.

Inspect Cracks And Dents On Your Bike Tyre:

The tyre of your bike is the most crucial point of connection between the road and the vehicle. Therefore, it would be best if you regularly inspected your tyre without any cracks and dents. Cracks and dents occur on the tyres when you regularly drive on a lousy road. Also, ensure your tyres are not losing air and are correctly inflated. You can keep a tyre inflator handy to avoid unprecedented situations.

Ensure Corrosion Free Battery For Your Vehicle:

Your vehicle’s battery is also an important part that helps in a smooth drive. It acts as a source of power for all the electronic devices that are there in your vehicle. Therefore taking proper care of the batteries of your motorcycle increases the overall performance. While most motorcycles offer a zero maintenance battery, the corrosion on the terminals needs to be cleared.

Final Thoughts:

Why run from one store to another when you can bring the entire store to your house? You can choose from hundreds of accessories online and compare the prices of vehicle accessories offered by top brands. After going through all the beginner motorbike repair tips, you can choose your favourite product and order online to get it delivered to your chosen place. They also offer additional services like free shipping and an easy return policy to provide you with the best user experience.


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