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The task of writing a thesis for a degree such as macroeconomics dissertation topics or other writing workload demands putting a lot of effort into getting comfortable and completing the research. If the end result is still not up to the mark because the sentence structure, grammar, and spelling are out of order. It will send one’s dreams to an early grave.  Luckily, there are several free proofreading tools online that writers can use to streamline their writing and make it error-free. These tools promote greater self-directed learning (Cavalleria, 2016)


Finding the best online proofreading and spell checker tool is quite a challenge. Often writers with a heavy workload find it difficult to manually review things like lengthy blogs, dissertation topics for business management, social media posts, documents, etc. In the case of a new blogger, or a student budget constraints make it nearly impossible to hire a team of professionals to handle mundane tasks like correcting minor grammatical errors and typing correctly or spelling errors.

The best online proofreading and spelling checkers are rounded up here as great tools to improve English writing. While they are all free, some of the tools come with premium versions in case someone needs advanced features.


Grammarly has a unique place among the best grammar-checking tools available online that anyone can use to check grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It allows the checking of 100,000 characters at a time. Users copy and then paste the content into this grammar editor and check content factors such as accuracy, clarity, substance, and delivery.

 A text editor-like interface allows easy formatting like bold, italic, plain text, and more. It can be used it directly on the WordPress site or in emails with a free Chrome or Firefox browser extension that flags errors by marking them in red.


The Hemingway app is another software for proofreading. Unlike the other grammar apps on this list, Hemingway’s app doesn’t offer in-depth grammar lessons. Instead, it measures the general accessibility and helps improve the writing style. After pasting the text in the editor, a comment sidebar appears on the side of the page informing about the number of letters, symbols, words, paragraphs, and sentences. 

The app also uses different colors to display text enhancements. It also supports third-party integrations and browser extensions. Step-by-step evaluation with integrated indexing technology for automatic readability can be accessed both online and offline.


Ginger is next on the list of online proofreading and spelling checker tools. The contextual spell checker shows the correction that best matches the original sentence. It is therefore well known for enhancing improves typing skills and productivity. Ginger can be used as a browser plugin, MS Word/Outlook, iOS or Android integration, Windows app, or by visiting their online website. It’s great for checking irregular words, verbs, confusing sentences, spelling mistakes, and common English grammar rules.


Scribes checker makes it easy to check hundreds of typos, grammar, spelling, and style errors. Software based on complex algorithms outperforms Microsoft Word. Can access modifications in the dictionary from UK English or US English. 

They decides whether they want to manually correct unknown proper names or let the trick resolve them automatically. Scribes use the color codes for corrections i.e. Red is for grammar, green for words, and yellow for suggestions.


Pro Writing Aid is a software company based in London. This software tool serves as a virtual writing coach and grammar checker. It opens with MS Word/Outlook, Google Docs, Office, Final Draft, and Scrivener. Users can access the app for Mac and Windows or install the software for their browsers. It extends plugins for Word and Google Docs. 

A Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browser extension to benefit from the software on every site, including Medium, Twitter, and Gmail. During the process of error checking the original formatting is retained, including the choice of colors and fonts. The Echoes feature of this online tool shows the use of exaggerated arguments and other words. Especially it is useful for science fiction writers who want to improve sentence quality and structure.


Linguix checks the text for errors and makes recommendations on grammar, punctuation, and style. A tool for more than just spell checking, with over 2,700 solutions to thousands of problems to better read and present writings. The web application has a privacy policy for sensitive content. In this way, changes are allowed and then all that information is gone once the file is in place.

 The browser extension helps writings on the web including Google docs and professional content creation software etc. Moreover, code snippets and content allow faster writing.


Languagetool is an open-source application. This unique app is advanced by some language enthusiasts and software developers. In the world of interfacing, the Language Tool is very easy to use and its checkered grammar is pretty neat. One of the main advantages of this tool is that it can be used offline. Furthermore, it can be used to check grammatical errors in different languages ​​including Catalan, English, Dutch, Esperanto, French, German, Persian, Tamil, and many others.

Accessible via mobile or web, LanguageTool is compatible with Chrome, Google Docs, Firefox, Microsoft Word, and LibreOffice. The engine disposed for proofreading and checking spelling errors has over 1700 debugging examples.


Outwrite is an AI-powered plagiarism checker. Users can log in from any browser. Plagiarism is a moral issue that should be considered (thesis writing help, 2021). One of the best features of it is the artificial intelligence efficiency engine. 

It scans and removes misspelled words, and simplifies sentences. It is an effective tool for grammatical errors, correcting sentences, and checking for plagiarism in different languages.


Even the most learned writers often lead to small unintentional errors that often slip through vision. Online proofreading and spell checkers help with grammar and spelling errors. These tools help save time in improving the content of a writer. These tools can help writers make an impression that leads to success in their chosen field.


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