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One of the most iconic moments in my life is when a doe-eyed Gia Allemand-Peter Artemyev walked into our sunset booth at Stein Mart back in 2015. Sinister ominous music backs them as they run their hands over your neck and play with your hair. Sweet harpy music starts as they raise their eyebrow lobes. Somehow that song became synonymous with my future soon to be bride, and many more like her.

Meet Peter Artemiev, age 30-34

Meet Peter Artemiev, age 24, from Zhukovsky, Russia. He is the husband of Model Gia Allemand who has graced the pages of many a magazine and blog lately. We caught up with him to get his version of events as they unfolded.

We all know what happened on that fateful day in Los Angeles – Gia was interviewed by E! while in transit to LAX airport, when her simple car ride turned into a heartwarming reality show that captivated the entire planet. Her story touched so many people, and we wanted to learn more about her amazing husband – and what made him decide to help his wife travel the world. Simply put, Peter is a kind-hearted person who loves spending time with Gia and wants nothing more than for her to enjoy her time on earth to its fullest.

Early Life

Gia Allemand-Peter Artemyev met while both were attending college in Pennsylvania. Gia was studying business and Peter was studying graphic design. They married in 2008 and have resided in New York City since then.
Gia began her modeling career at the age of 18 when she was cast in a campaign for Christian Dior. She has since modeled for H&M, Zara, Lululemon, and other major brands. She has also appeared on covers of Vogue Arabia, W, and InStyle Russia.
She is now a regular panelist on the show MasterChef USA and her cookbook Gia Trading Card Game is currently being developed by Steeplechase Press.

Educated in Aviation and Reindeer Herding

Gia Allemand married Russian reindeer herding cowboy, Peter Artemyev, in 2014. Allemand, who was born in France, has a degree in aviation from the Sorbonne University and also learned to ride and work with reindeer. Artemyev, who was born in Siberia, has a degree in veterinary medicine. The couple relocated to Yakutsk, Siberia, to begin their reindeer herding life.

Peter’s Education and Career Paths Up to Model Gia Allemand

Model Gia Allemand and Peter Artemyev met in Paris in 2013 and fell madly in love. The Russian-French beauty and the Russian entrepreneur were married in a private ceremony in Monaco on December 10, 2016.
They have one daughter, born in February 2018. Peter’s education and career paths up to becoming model Gia Allemand are as follows:

Peter finished high school in Moscow, Russia, and then studied business administration at St Petersburg State University. While there, he met his future wife Gia Allemand-Peter. In 2013, they moved to Paris to pursue their modeling careers.

In 2014, the couple signed a modeling deal with IMG Models and worked extensively throughout Europe and Asia. In 2017, they launched their own jewelry line and opened a store in Saint Petersburg, Russia. They also appeared on numerous Russian television shows and became ambassadors for traditional Russian foods such as borscht.

The couple has continued to model regularly since they’ve married, appearing on the cover of Vogue Italia (February 2018) and Harper’s Bazaar Russia (October 2018). They are also now parents to a daughter.

Gia Allemand Dies tragically at age 33

Gia Allemand, the beautiful wife of Google executive and Tesla enthusiast, Peter Artemyev, tragically passed away on January 8th after a long battle with cancer. Gia was just 41 years old.

Known for her striking modeling career, Gia was also an accomplished entrepreneur. In 2013 she launched her own line of luxury eyewear, Giamo. The brand quickly gained traction and now has a worldwide following.

Peter and Gia were married in 2012 and they had two children together: daughter Matilda (born in 2013) and son Oscar (born in 2017). Although they will sadly never grow up knowing their mother as she did during her life, they are comforted by the love and support of their family and friends. We all feel lucky to have known this beautiful woman.


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