Digital Signature Certificates or DSC or Digital Signature are being taken on by various government workplaces and by and by is a legitimate need in various applications.

Capricorn offers assorted classes of confirmations to help affiliations and individuals secure online trades with legitimate authenticity as indicated by the Indian IT Act, 2000.

Capricorn supports acclimate to x.509 standard of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in India wherein besides, these are given by IVG and IOG rules given by the working environment of Controller of Certifying Authorities.

There are various sorts and classes of DSC, the information underneath would help you with making an appearance to the ok support for your prerequisites.

Kinds of advanced signature declaration


Sign DSC should be used for stamping reports. The most well-known use is denoting the PDF record for Tax Returns, MCA, and various destinations. Stamping through DSC gives the insistence on the uprightness of the guarantor as well as the data. It is an affirmation of untampered and unaltered data.


Encode DSC should be used to scramble a record, it is commonly used in the sensitive entrance, to help associations with encoding the chronicles and move. You could moreover use the validation to scramble and send portrayed information. Scramble DSC is really great for web business records, authentic documentation, and sharing reports that are significantly private and contains information that ought to be guaranteed. We are selling Encrypt statement as an autonomous thing moreover.

Sign and Encrypt

Our Sign and Encrypt DSC can be used for both stamping and encoding. It is useful for clients who need to check and stay aware of the mystery of the information shared. Its utilization integrates recording government construction and application.

The legitimacy of the Certificate

You could buy confirmations with authenticity for as long as three years. (The authenticity is compelled by regulation, and you can’t acknowledge confirmations north of three years and shy of what One-year authenticity)

As shown by the new guidelines conveyed by CCA, Capricorn CA can give simply Class 3 DSC to their clients. In any case, all the class 2 verifications purchased before will remain dynamic and be utilized.

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

We similarly offer class 3 advanced signature testament supports according to the IVG rule which is thought of as the most trustworthy and the most reliable of all statements. It is fundamentally used in issues of high security and prosperity, for instance, e-recording, web trading, and online business, where a huge proportion of money or particularly privileged information is involved.

We have three distinct paperless eKYC confirmation-based strategies for acquiring Digital Signature Certificate. The candidate can pick the method of his/her decision.

Aadhar Based Paperless DSC

Any candidate who is an Aadhar cardholder can apply for Digital Signature Certificate in a paperless way by utilizing the “Aadhaar Offline EKYC” process. The Aadhaar based KYC check process is a paperless and computerized Know Your Customer (EKYC) process including applications to create orders and download DSCs. The cycle to apply for a DSC application is quick and can be finished within 15-20 minutes.

Skillet Based Paperless DSC

By selecting PAN-based paperless DSC, the candidate can save money on relative expenses. The most common way of getting PAN-based paperless DSC is simple, quick, and immediately followed by video confirmation, where the candidate needs to show his/her PAN card in the video. The greatest benefit of this PAN-based paperless DSC created after EYC confirmation is that the candidate can apply for this kind of DSC online whenever or anyplace, giving the endowment of worldwide comfort.

GST Based Paperless DSC

We give GST-based Paperless Organizational DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) to associations that have their selective GST Certificate. These testaments give total security by guaranteeing the secrecy of data or records with a Digital Signature when shared carefully.


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