Reasons Why Your AC Smells Musty and How to Fix It

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Reasons Why Your AC Smells Musty

If you are on the lookout for reasons why your AC is giving out musty smells, you are at the right place. In this article, you will come to learn some important reasons and their appropriate solutions:

1. Dirty Air Filters

When you leave your AC unchecked for a long time without proper cleaning and maintenance, it can lead to the accumulation of dust in the filters. When this dust remains trapped for a long time, it can lead to the growth of mildew.

This mildew production makes the air passing through these dirty air filters smelly. And when you breathe in such air it does not feel good.

Moreover, the filthy filters also make your air conditioning unit work hard which can lead to more consumption of energy. As a result, you might end up spending a lot of money on expensive repairs and replacements.

Therefore, you should keep your air filters clean. It is not that difficult. You just have to remove your AC filters out, clean them properly, and place them back. You see, it is an easy feat.

But if you want it done perfectly, you can book AC services in Islamabad. Skilled personnel not only clean your sofas effectively but also recommend you some ways to keep your AC filters clean and clear.

2. Clogged Drain Pipes

The drain lines of your air conditioning unit are used to drain the excess water from the unit. But when these drain lines are clogged, the water accumulates in them.

If you do not check these drain lines for a longer time, it can lead to the growth of mildew. And when this mildew starts deteriorating, your AC smells musty.

The cool air coming out of your AC does not feel good on inhaling. You might feel uncomfortable sitting in such smelly air.

Therefore, you should look for devising ways to get rid of these musty smells. What you have to do is to inspect and unclog the drain pipes.

When the water will not stop in the drain pipe and leave the unit, there will be no growth of mildew leading to no smells.

3. Leakages

One of the most important reasons for producing smells in your AC is leakage. If anything inside your air conditioning unit breaks out such as a drain pipe or a condensation pipe, it leaves the water to accumulate in your system.

When the water remains accumulated in your system for a longer time, it again invites mildew to grow and spread. And when the mildew grows, it starts giving out musty smells.

The best option to get rid of musty smells is to book Ac services in Rawalpindi. An experienced AC technician will look into the matter and fix it as soon as possible.

Moreover, the leaking water can continuously wet your wall letting the algae and mildew, making your whitewashed wall greenish. This wall also can produce musty smells. So, take preventive measures before the leaking water turns your whitewashed wall into a musty one.

4. Dead Animals

It might seem weird but believe some homeowners have faced this situation even more than once. Animals like mice, lizards, or eggs of birds can get stuck into your air conditioning system whether it is indoor or outdoor. When these do not find a way outside, die there helplessly.

When you do not clean your AC on time, the organic matter of the animal’s body and eggs starts deteriorating. As a result, the smell can fill up your whole household, making your life unpleasant.

Therefore, you should schedule a routine cleaning of your air condition units to make sure that there is not any animal or any other object stuck. In this way, you can also save an innocent life.

You can book professional AC services for proper inspection and maintenance of your air conditioning unit.

Skilled AC technicians not only inspect your air conditioning units but also make sure that these will not malfunction again. As a result, all the musty smells of your ACs will disappear improving the air quality of your house. Please visit our blogs here.


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