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11 Sociology Research Topics for Best Grades in 2022


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Before we begin – let’s brush up on our understanding of ‘Sociology.’ It entails the study of groups of people, their customs, exotic cultures and fascinating practices. 

Experts offering assignment experts state:

“Sociology is a broad field. And because our world is constantly changing, there are endless possibilities for both researching and writing.”

If you are a Sociology student researching topics to research, write and possibly score good grades, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the 11 best Sociology Topics for You to Research On

Society & Culture

If you choose the sociological study of society and culture, you can pick many different research topics related to broader aspects of life.

To name a few!

  • Media impact on human attitude and behaviour
  • Impact of political differences on friendships and family relationships
  • Cause & rise of hate groups in the society
  • Chief factors of extreme polarisation in society
  • Cultural appropriation’s long-term impact
  • Lack of public trust for political appointees & elected officials
  • Work-life separation hurdles faced encumbered by people working from home

Human Relationships 

Human relationships are always a hot topic for students searching for compelling topics for their sociology papers.

There are many exciting facets to cover for your research paper – dating, marriage, friendships and even family. 

Some relationship topics that you can cover include –

  • Factors leading to spousal abuse
  • Evolution of marriage 
  • Arranged marriages (the good & the bad)
  • Common challenges faced by multi-ethnic & interracial marriages 
  • Infertility impact on the success of marriage
  • Polyamorous relationships’ impact on intimacy
  • Helicopter parenting (its causes & impact)
  • Wedded couples refraining from having kids 
  • Shared custodian arrangements for children at alternate weeks with each parent


Sociology students will come across topics from all levels of education- right from pre-school to college and even further. 

To arouse your interest, here are some fascinating topics to cover.

They are as follows:

  • How pre-school impacts elementary school success
  • Homeschooling or school system – the learning outcome and which is better
  • Relation between socio-economic stature and accomplishment in school
  • How peer pressure impacts school students
  • Bias prevalence in k-12 state-sanctioned curriculums
  • Presenting equality for schoolgoers from economically backward or disadvantaged backgrounds

Ethnicity & Race 

The study of Sociology also features societal factors related to ethnicity & race. Therefore, it is a popular subject among respective students. And if it catches your fancy, there are many topics to consider.

Some are indexed below.

  • How racial bias hampers the workplace environment
  • Scarcity of minority representatives in leadership titles 
  • Officers involved in shooting individuals based on the caste, creed, gender and ethnic group
  • Influence of unconscious bias relating to ethnicity & race
  • The way race and ethnicity are depicted in the media
  • Racial profiling conducted by law enforcement

Criminal Activity & Drug Use

Students who take up Sociology can also cover various research topics on criminal activity & drug use. They can cover what caused the issue and how they negatively impact society.

Some common cases worth researching include –

  • Unemployment impact on the rate of crime
  • Changes seen in criminal activity due to marijuana legalisation
  • Link between prostitution & drug abuse 
  • Long term success rates for addiction treatment programs 
  • Methadone treatment impact on treating addiction
  • Various factors leading to gang memberships
  • Jail time & prison space for inmates charged for minor drug use offence 

Mental Health

Sociology also points out the various factors that impact mental health. And if such topics intrigue you, then below are some research topics you can pick for high grades.

They entail as follows –

  • How bullying negatively hampers mental health
  • Picking common tell-tales of substance abuse in a person
  • How competitive spots positively impact kids’ mental health
  • Influence of marijuana medicine used to treat depression
  • How to improve mental health among those living in poverty
  • Relationship between narcissism & social media use 
  • How to overcome stigma linked with mental illness 
  • The mechanisms people use to cope with daily depression
  • How school shooting impacts young students

Wellness & Health

Health and wellness constitute a vital part of the study of Sociology. It has several sociological implications. Therefore, respective students can cover many topics in this subject matter to fetch high university grades.

Those common topics include –

  • How does expensive health insurance impact health care for low-earning people
  • Lack of proper health care for low-income families 
  • Impact of herd immunity when parents choose not to provide medical vaccination for their kids
  • Health impact of consuming processed food with low nutritional values
  • Physical and psychological effects of living with chronic illness 
  • Negative impact caused by a sedentary lifestyle
  • How does blue light exposure from electronic devices impact sleeping habits 
  • How fad diets impact health and welcome outcomes 


Nationality covers a vast array of topics in Sociology for students to pick from!

To name a few-

  • The impact of patriotism in this modern society
  • Immigration & assimilation – Its influence 
  • What makes a true Patriot – nationality or pride?
  • What determines whether (the country name) is on the brink of a melting point?

Social Media

Sociology also covers various fascinating topics on social media and how much of an impact it has made in this modern society. If this is your topic of choice, refer to some facets in which you can R & D for your academic paper.

Check them out!

  • The impact of social networking in the new millennium
  • Social media often makes us feel lonely – True or False!
  • Facebook vs Twitter vs Instagram – Who all uses each, how much & why
  • Is it true that social media helps promote narcissism?
  • Social media and its impact on modern youth
  • Bullying & harassment on social media – How much negativity does it manifest

Food & Eating    

Much to say, this is one field most Sociology students love exploring for their research papers.

If you’re one of them, then here are some topics to choose

  • Food laws and regulations (post COVID-19 era)
  • Use of pesticides on farms 
  • About farmer’s markets and their ‘Slow Food Movement.’
  • The rise of organic farming
  • Top companies supplying food to (country name)
  • Export-import practices in the world
  • Impact of class inequality & geographical difference in food distribution

Social Movements

Social movements always tend to surface in one way or another, making them both historical and current.

Some topics to choose from include –

  • Case study on Gay rights
  • The Anti-nuclear movement 
  • Coverage on “#BlackLifeMatters#
  • Case study on anti-psychiatry 
  • Understanding of human rights 
  • Disability rights – Case Study
  • Animal rights 
  • Feminism (suffragettes)

Final Verdict

There are some hot topics you as a Sociology student can cover. And if you need help writing any of these topics for your assignment or homework, get in touch with experts offering essay help online.


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