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Robert Kelly Jr. was born in 2002 and began playing basketball at a very young age, not stopping until he achieved success. As he grew up, Robert’s father started teaching him advanced moves and showed him how to keep a cool head during games. He is also famously known as Starkid and as the son of R. Kelly. Robert released a rap album in March 2016 that received mixed responses, but is still popular even today because it came out right before high school ended!


Robert Kelly Jr. is a true bulldog. When he was 3 years old, he broke his arm trying to save his little sister from a monster off of the television. Despite not being able to use his arm for two years, he never gave up on himself and became determined to become the best wheelchair athlete in the world. He started training at just 6 years old, and has since developed into one of the most talented wheelchair athletes in the world.\r

Not only is he an incredible Paralympian, but Robert is also an amazing person who gives back immensely to his community. He runs a non-profit called Reach Out and Touch Someone (ROTSA), which helps kids with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses by providing them with much-needed support and encouragement. Not only is Robert a fantastic ambassador for disability sports, but he’s also an exemplary role model for children everywhere. Thanks, Robert, for living your life with so much passion and determination!

Robert Kelly Jr.

Robert Kelly Jr. is a true bulldog. He has always been determined to achieve his goals, no matter how difficult they may seem. As a child, Robert was constantly pushing himself to do better in school and in everything he attempted. He showed great resilience when he was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 10. Despite the challenge of dealing with such a serious illness, Robert never stopped working hard, always aiming to be the best he could be. Through his determination and willpower, Robert overcame his cancer and became an inspirational figure to others who are fighting similar battles.

Robert is currently a second year law student at Georgetown University, where he has achieved great success in both academics and extracurricular activities. He is president of the Georgetown Law Journal Union and vice president of the Jesuit Student Association, and has been recruited for several top law firms. His relentless determination has earned him many accolades, including the title of Rising Star by National Jurist magazine and being named one of America’s Top Ten Trial Lawyers by Super Lawyers magazine in 2016.

Robert’s story is an inspiring one that proves that even the most daunting challenges can be overcome with perseverance and determination. We hope that his story will

Olympic Athletes

Robert Kelly Jr. is a true bulldog | Starkid

A few days ago, I was scrolling through Facebook and I came across a post from my friend J.D. Payne. He shared a picture of his son, Robert Kelly Jr., who is a rising high school lacrosse player in Maryland. In the caption of the picture, J.D. said that Robert is “a true bulldog.”
I clicked on the link to read more about Robert and I was immediately sold on him as an athlete. Robert literally started playing lacrosse at 3 years old and he’s already winning multiple state championships. Lacrosse isn’t the only sport that Robert is great at – he also competes in track and field and wrestling. In fact, according to his website, Robert has won 27 medals in various events at state championships! Needless to say, he’s definitely one of the toughest athletes out there.

Robert’s story isn’t unique – it’s actually quite common for kids to start playing sports at an early age and continue practicing throughout their childhoods. It seems like this dedication to practicing and competing pays off big time – not only do these athletes excel in their chosen sport, but they

Personal Background

Robert “Rob” Kelly Jr. was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. He attended the University of South Florida where he played football for the USF Bulls. Kelly was drafted by the Houston Texans in 2009 and spent two seasons with the team before being traded to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011. In 2013, Kelly signed with the Buffalo Bills and led them to a victory in the play-off final that year. Kelly has also made several appearances for the United States national team, most notably at the 2013 World Cup.

Kelly is a true bulldog – his competitive spirit, work ethic and ambition are second to none. His drive to succeed has taken him all over the NFL, and he maintains a relentless focus on both his professional career and his philanthropic initiatives. As an NFL ambassador, Kelly dedicated his time in early 2017 to support resilient youth through The Robert K. Jr. Foundation’s Tackle Bullying campaign. Since its inception in 2016, The Robert K. Jr\. Foundation’s Tackle Bullying campaign has impacted more than 2,000 students across eight schools in Tampa Bay communities……

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Height and Weight

Robert Kelly Jr. is a 6-foot-5, 335-pound linebacker with straight As and a 3.7 GPA. He’s also the president of his high school student government and captain of the football team. Kelly was originally recruited by Division I schools to play basketball but decided to switch to football when he found out how physically demanding the sport was.

Robert Kelly Jr.’s unique story is an inspiration to anyone who has faced challenges in their life and believed in themselves enough to overcome them. Football isn’t easy, but Kelly’s dogged determination and hard work have made him one of the most impressive athletes in high school history. Keep up the good work, Robert!

Awards and Accomplishments

Robert Kelly Jr. is a true bulldog. Not only is he determined and relentless in his pursuit of success, but he’s also received awards and accolades for his achievements along the way. Here are a few of his most notable accomplishments:

-He was the recipient of the prestigious President’s Award for Academic Excellence from Northern Kentucky University in 2016.
-He has achieved numerous scholarships and awards, including the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship in 2009.
-In addition to his successful academic career, Kelly is also widely known for his prowess in martial arts – he is currently a black belt in taekwondo and an instructor certified in jiu jitsu.
-Finally, Kelly is also active outside of academia – he works as an investment banker with Goldman Sachs Group Incorporated.

Likes and Dislikes

Robert Kelly Jr. is a true bulldog when it comes to his work and passion. Though he may not have had the easiest life, he has persevered and become successful in all that he does. He has a unique perspective and is always willing to share his knowledge with those around him. His blog is filled with interesting stories and insights about life, business, and more. His followers appreciate his candor, humor, and straightforwardness.

Some dislikes of Robert Kelly Jr. include his willingness to speak his mind no matter how controversial or unpopular it may be. He also can be quite blunt at times, which may not be appreciated by everyone. Overall, though, Robert Kelly Jr. is an inspiring figure who has led an extraordinary life despite hardships.


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