Shower Hose


The head of the shower and its main body are connected by shower hoses. They are made of diverse materials and come in varying lengths. Some are reinforced to be more resistant to kinks, which can restrict water flow and result in a bad bathing experience.

How to Choose the Best Shower Hose

It’s easy to become overwhelmed while buying a shower hose: Which length is ideal? Which connections and finishes are compatible with the current bathroom’s taps and shower? Discover what matches, fits, and works – as well as how the models differ – here. Please consider your health when making your purchase and choose a shower hose that meets drinking water regulations.

Never compromise on comfort, quality, or design

Shower hoses are widely available: they can be purchased from building supply stores, cheap supermarkets, specialist bathroom retailers, or online. You might not be as concerned with the quality and appearance of your shower hose as you are about the quality and appearance of your taps, shower heads, or bathroom furnishings. However, if you have the option, wouldn’t it be good if the hose stood the test of time and fit in seamlessly with the rest of your bathroom design? Or if it flowed smoothly, with no kinks or twists? When showering, bathing, or washing hair, a shower hose that scratches or rubs the skin is also undesirable. Or one that emits plasticizers (phthalates).

Any solid shower hose is certified as secure for drinking water

If we may make a suggestion, we would suggest purchasing a shower hose that has been certified as safe for drinking water. If the water is contaminated with dangerous compounds like substandard plastics, the cheap purchase no longer appears to be a deal. Declinko shower hoses are all safe to use with drinking water. Only perfect, high-quality parts and materials are used by the high-end brand. These high-quality hoses ensure that only materials suitable for use with drinking water come into touch with the water. The same may be stated for effective hand showers.

Which length of shower hose is best?

The length of your shower hose is determined by various factors, including: Do you take your showers in the bathtub or the shower cabin? Do you sit or stand while showering? Are you a tall person? Do you have a shower rail that allows you to slide your shower support above you? Is your shower hose suspended from a low bath mixer or a thermostatic shower mixer that has been put at a height? Or does your water come directly out of the wall (as in a disguised installation system)? When determining the length, you must consider your bathroom setup.

The following are the standard shower hose lengths:

1.25 meters: The ideal bathtub size to ensure that the hose does not interfere with your bathing experience.

1.60 meters: The ideal shower proportions, allowing people to move freely for a more enjoyable shower.

2.00 meters: provides lots of space if you (stand to) shower in the bathtub. This allows you to take advantage of the shower’s great height even though the tap is situated low to the ground.


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