Spruce up your party décor with beautiful flower arrangements

party décor with beautiful flower arrangements

Looking for floral party décor ideas? Here are some unique ideas for you. Try them out and host a successful party at your home like a pro. And for all your floral needs, log on to Green Sleeves Florist online flower shop which is the best florist in Fairfax VA.

Here are some unique ideas

Flower bouquets:

Flower bouquets are common as gifts as well as home and party décor. When you want to keep things simple and under the budget, then getting a few flower bouquets from the flower shops in Fairfax VA will be ideal. You can still pull up a beautiful and elegant floral-themed party décor by creatively arranging the flower bouquets all over the venue.

Standing flower arrangements:

Next up on our list is the standing flower arrangement. They are similar to flower bouquets but massive in size and height. They are generally placed right on the floor, either on a gigantic vase or over a stand. Standing flower arrangements are generally included for special occasions only, like a wedding reception, a special year anniversary celebration, bar mitzvah, etc. Just 1 or 2 standing flower arrangements will suffice for a party. Any reputed florist in Fairfax will be able to provide you with these floral décor items.

Wallflower arrangements:

Wallflower arrangements are cute accessories for your house parties. They come in various shapes like elliptical, ‘S-shaped, heart-shaped, crown-shaped, and many other varieties. These wall flower arrangements can sometimes be tricky to install, so, it’s best to get them done by professional party planners. Professional florists in Burke VA will also be happy to assist you in this matter.

Floral strings:

Floral strings and garlands are other hot favorites of floral party lovers. And to be honest, they are so simple and easy to decorate with. With floral strings, you really can’t go wrong. You can hang them around the main activity area, over the gift table or where the food is being served, and more. Using them as wall décor is also cool. Stairways too look amazing when they are decorated with floral strings.

Floral wreaths:

Floral wreaths are pretty famous floral accessories. We all love using Christmas wreaths during the holidays. For house parties too, using big or small floral wreaths in various colors look very bright and unique. Even faux flowers can be used for floral wreaths, keeping your floral theme intact. For doorstep flower delivery in Arlington VA and surrounding areas, try Green Sleeves Florist now!

Flower centerpieces:

Centerpieces are a staple for dinner parties. When you want to host a formal and elegant dinner with your family and friends, the dinner table décor is incomplete without a centerpiece made of flowers. Depending on the occasion, centerpieces should reflect the unique characteristics of the celebration. For example, thanksgiving centerpieces reflect the fall season theme with colors like orange, red, and brown, while Christmas centerpieces are mostly red and green, with ornaments and candles.

So, which ones are you trying out for your next party? Let us know.


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