Sunburn – What You Should Prevent Skin Damage


Some skin conditions can make you stay home, including sunburn. You may experience skin redness, itching, irritation, and swelling. Some symptoms of sunburn can make you worried but you can deal with it with home remedies.

A skin doctor in Islamabad shared that some people have sensitive skin that can increase the risk of sunburn if your skin gets sun exposure even for a while. In such a situation, you should take care of your skin and discuss with the doctor what you should do.

People with skin sensitivity to sunlight have the condition of being photosensitive.

If the symptoms are mild, you can follow the home remedies to reduce the sunburn symptoms.

Sunburn is also of different types that you should understand. If the sunburn is first-degree, you can reduce it at home with some simple tips.

Home Remedies for First-Degree Sunburn 

Your body has the ability to replace the damaged skin but it may take time. But yes, the most important fact is that you can promote the healing process with:

Stay hydrated because water also plays an important role in many body functions. Water intake helps to moisturize your skin. You can also promote the healing process by getting plenty of rest.

Researchers have confirmed that rest and quality sleep promote healing of the body. When your skin is damaged, you should take plenty of rest as it will shorten the recovery process.

There are other ways too which can help directly by applying on your skin to relieve the sunburn symptoms.

Let’s explore these sunburn tips at home.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel: One of the best ingredients you can use is the aloe vera gel which does not cause any type of severe side effects. You need to get the gel from the aloe vera with a spoon or a knife. Apply it to your skin by smashing it in a bowl with a fork. It will moisturize your skin naturally and help to reduce the inflammation which is a sunburn symptom.

You can also apply this gel to the skin to prevent peeling. Aloe vera is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties that can help your skin look more fresh and glowing.

Limit the sun exposure: If you just have had a sunburn and again go outside in extremely hot weather, it can worsen the symptoms and make your skin look dull and damaged. Harmful ultraviolet rays can affect your skin and also damage the skin cells. You should take care of your skin by avoiding sunlight exposure. Mild sunburn or first-degree sunburn can often go away after a while but severe damage can be stubborn or even need more serious treatment to deal with such scars.

If you need to go outside, cover your all exposed skin areas with proper dress. You can wear a scarf or hat to protect your face against the sunlight.

Take a cool bath: To soothe your skin, you need to take a cool bath. If you are not in the mood for a bath, you can also take a cool shower and let your skin cool. But after taking a shower, you should use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. People who do not moisturize the skin are at risk of skin dryness which can lead to other skin conditions.

Apply a cold compress: Cold compress is an ideal solution for many problems, including first-degree sunburn. You need to apply a cold compress to all the skin near affected areas but not directly on the sunburn as it can cause irritation. From time to time, you should try a cold compress to draw away heat from the skin.

Use a hydrocortisone cream: Your skin becomes inflamed due to sunburn and also becomes red. You can treat it with hydrocortisone cream. It will reduce the symptoms of sunburn.

Get quality of sleep: Taking the quality of sleep can help to balance certain cytokines productions. They are responsible for inflammation. When you take the quality of sleep, it will help to reduce the inflammation and promote the healing process of your damaged skin.

Quit smoking: Your skin is already burned and the triggers can cause more damage and worsen your skin condition. You must learn about tobacco use which is a threat to your skin health. Its use can affect the healing process which your body does naturally. A healthcare professional can help to quit smoking because many people find it difficult to have inflamed skin.

For severe burns, you should take more steps as it affects the second skin layer and needs more treatment options.

You should get medical help in such a condition. Here are some more symptoms that indicate an emergency.

  • If you have a headache
  • Become dehydrated
  • If you have developed muscle cramps
  • If you have nausea and vomiting

Make sure that you do not avoid such symptoms and consult a doctor for instant medical help.


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