Tech Bable: The Bidet Converter Kit You Need to Know About


What is a bidet converter kit? I hear you ask. A bidet converter kit will allow you to convert your existing toilet into a bidet toilet, effectively adding the functionality of those awesome bidets you see in fancy hotels, but without having to upgrade to the more expensive and newer bidet-ready toilets that can be found on the market nowadays. The best part about this? If you already have an existing toilet, you don’t even need to pay anything!

A Brief History of Bidets

Technically, bidets have been around for centuries. However, they aren’t particularly popular in most Western countries outside of France and Japan. A few years ago, a study found that bidets can cut down on bathroom trips by 50 percent or more. As a result, interest in bidets is rising in North America. Fortunately, there are now a number of bidet attachments and converters available to help Americans give it a try. Take a look at your options now with our overview of four different models and their features…

Why Should You Get One?

First, bidets are awesome. Second, many Americans can’t use a bidet because they don’t have a hot water hookup in their bathroom. If you have running water and plumbing in your toilet area, you can install one—and we’re going to tell you how. Here’s what it takes: an adjustable wrench (two sizes), a hammer, pliers, and screwdrivers (two sizes). That’s it! We’re not kidding. No special tools are required. This is almost so easy it feels like cheating–but better for your wallet than anything else…

Is This Thing For Real?

Everyone agrees that bidets are fantastic for your personal hygiene, but most people have no idea how to install them in their own homes. While you could go out and buy a new bidet attachment (or piece of furniture) for your bathroom, it’s easier and far more affordable to use The Bidet Converter Kit from Brondell. This system attaches underneath your existing toilet seat and can be controlled with just a press of a button! That means better personal hygiene without all of those extra steps. Anyone who has ever wanted one of these should check out what they’re missing by not using technology like Brondell’s own version of a bidet converter kit – which is why we’ve created today’s TechBable!

How To Install A Bidet On Your Toilet

If you’re unfamiliar with what a bidet is, it’s just a device that replaces your toilet seat Raven Gadgets. Bidets come in many shapes and sizes, but they all serve one main purpose – cleaning up after using your bathroom. Unlike toilet paper, which only cleans one part of your body at a time (your bum), bidets are much more efficient and can clean not only your behind but other areas as well. With such an easy-to-install option available to us today, it’s hard to imagine not having one in our homes! And if you think they’re out of reach financially – or too complicated for you – think again!

Where To Buy A Bidet

If you want to purchase a bidet toilet seat (or a converter kit), you can find them on sites like Amazon and Alibaba. One of our top picks for bidets is PureClean because it has three spray settings and comes with remote control. ToiletTree also offers an adjustable angle, heated seat with its own temperature control. If you need help choosing, start by checking out our post on choosing a bidet or check out sites like ZDNet or CNET for reviews.
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