You are trying to put together a budget plan for your kitchen remodel

It shouldn’t feel like playing The Price is Right.

Kitchen cabinets: “$4,000 Bob?” Is that with or without?


It can be difficult to find your way around larger cities such as Sydney.

There are many subcontractors and builders.

You may have different information.


What Should a Kitchen Remodel Cost You?

Every kitchen remodel is unique in its size.

What needs to be replaced or retouched?

The ultimate goal is. This will naturally increase overall costs.

Although the numbers may vary, there are some common ones.

We can trust to help us see the bigger picture

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The average kitchen remodel cost in Sydney is $1,080

around $20,000.00. It may seem like a lot at first, but it is actually quite affordable.

It is also important to remember that a well-designed and designed kitchen is crucial.

Also, this is one of the best spaces to add value to your home.

home. It’s also important to remember that

The average cost is $20,000.00 It is cheaper to have a smaller kitchen.

It could cost as much as $10,000.00 If your kitchen is larger than

You can have your kitchen customized to fit your needs by ordering 10’x10′


Prices can soar to $40,000.00 and higher

ProTip Takeaway – The average kitchen renovation will cost you

Prices can range from $10,000 to $40,000, and the price of $20,000.00 is just one example.


Project Cost Breakdowns

You can start to plan your kitchen budget.

It is possible to also divide it in order to determine what percentage of your total.

Each part of your remodel will require budget.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association has

Research has shown that kitchen projects typically cost less than expected.


Kitchen Component Percentage Of Total Budget

Cabinets 30%

Appliances 14%

Countertops 10%

Lighting 5%

Plumbing Fixtures 4%

Paint 2% to 3%

Tiles 1%-2%

Where to save & where to invest in your


Each kitchen will have its own unique characteristics, but the core of each one will be the same.

The same applies to you, so be sure to include these in your

budget. No matter how small or large your kitchen, it is important to consider your budget. These are important considerations to make when planning how you will use your large budget. How much money should each category receive?

Cabinets: 30%

Cabinets (/service/kitchens-cabinet)are one of the biggest

Kitchen remodels can be costly. They are also the most expensive.

Your kitchen’s most distinctive features. Custom cabinets are possible

You can make your kitchen unique, but you’ll want to.

This focal point should be budgeted a bit more. The

If you are happy with your current style,

If you are in search of cabinets that can be updated but don’t know how to do it, there is one solution.

It is possible to paint or refinish existing pieces.

ProTip Takeaway :Custom cabinets are a great focal point.

point. Refinishing or painting is a cheaper alternative.

Existing cabinetry

Appliances: 14%

Appliances take up a greater percentage of your budget, not surprising.

Budget is also important. These are the backbone of your kitchen.

It should be functional. You should consider the following when buying appliances: You should not only consider the appearance of the appliance, but also its functionality.

How energy is used in the kitchen.

How much cooking do your family do? And does the

You now have the range hood that will meet all your cooking needs.

(/blog/how-to-choose-a-range-hood-for-your-kitchen)You’ll be

This space can be used for many years, so make sure you do.

Make sure that you get the best appliances for your needs


ProTip Takeaway –Appliances make your kitchen work.

Take into account not only their appearance but also their energy efficiency

How well they can meet your needs.

Countertops: 10%

There are many amazing countertop materials available today.

Industry–granite and quartz, as well as quartzite, to name just a few —

Each has its own unique characteristics, making it great for a variety of purposes.

kitchen counter. You will need a countertop that is both durable and attractive.

fits your needs (/service/kitchen-counter-top), lifestyle, and

Design style.

 Takeaway :Different countertop material

Different strengths. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Lighting: 5%

It’s a % of your budget, but it’s an important 5%. Don’t be discouraged by this.

Do not make too many changes here. You’ll need to make sure you have enough space.

good overhead lighting. Because of the time it takes to do this.

You spend time in the kitchen as well as doing the chores.

We recommend that you also invest in a task.

Lighting, such as undercabinet lights. It will make your life easier.

It is easier to highlight your focal points (cabinets or other features).

counters) beautifully.

ProTip Takeaway : General lighting is essential. Lighting is important for task lighting

is essential. You should make sure you have enough money for the under-

cabinet lighting.


Plumbing Fixtures – 4%

The cost of plumbing fixtures can vary. The good news is that plumbing fixtures can be purchased at a variety of prices.

A similar fixture to the expensive one you love is often cheaper.

It is a more expensive alternative. There are alternatives.

There are many beautiful plumbing fixtures available. If you have the space,

Buy the faucet that you love, regardless of your budget. It’s one detail that matters.

This will make the space feel more personal.

ProTip Takeaway :Fixtures complete a space but only if the fixture is in use

If you don’t have the budget for what you love, there are likely similar options.

replacement option.

Paint: 2%-3%

Paint is productive. Seriously. It’s easy to use and relatively inexpensive.

It’s easy to set up and change. It’s also very easy to change.

You can add color and warmth to any space. You can find out more about how to bring color and warmth into your space.

One of those people who can’t decide what color to wear.

Best, talk to an interior designer

(/service/kitchens-design). Some designers may charge a fee

This service is not included by all companies, but some will.

a free service (/estimating-your-project). Work with a

This company can save you both time and stress.

ProTip Takeaway –Paint gives life to a space and adds personality. It’s a low cost option

It is also very affordable and easy to modify. Are you unsure what color you want to use?

Talk to an interior designer first.


Tile: 1%-2%

It is small but can make a big impact. It is possible to make it.

Used as a backsplash to complement focal points

It can be the focal point of your kitchen or the entire space. You can also tile.

It makes a great floor material. It can be used as flooring

Material, ensure that you have a little more room in your design

You need to budget in order to buy enough tiles for your project.

The entire kitchen floor, as well as any adjacent rooms where the tile might flow.


ProTip Takeaway –Backsplash tiles are a great complement to your

Kitchen design can be used as a focal point. If using tile for flooring,

Make sure you have enough.

Labor: 33%

Labor is another large-priced component of a kitchen remodeling project. It is the most expensive item in a kitchen remodel.

You may feel it is better to go for the lowest-priced option.

You can even do some of it yourself. But remember that

Quality is the key. You already have a substantial amount of money invested

It is important to buy materials. A poor installation job can lead to high costs.

End cabinet detail, make it look like something was tacked

You can get them all at your local thrift shop. This doesn’t include the cost of shipping.

You must consider the possibility of a defective installation. This is an example of how to account for the risk of a faulty installation.

Make sure your backsplash is installed correctly It can lead to major problems

Water damage to your sheetrock. We are not saying that you should.

We recommend that you go with the highest possible bid, but not necessarily the lowest.

Do your research and work with experienced and

qualified professionals (/estimating-your-project).

ProTip Takeaway –Cheap labor can lead to a poor, or even fatal, situation.

Faulty installation. You have invested in high-quality materials. You made quality investments.

Make sure to work with professionals (/blog/10_things-to)


Getting Started: Estimating Costs & Finding

A Professional

It’s crucial to start planning your remodel.

Consider what you want for your kitchen and how much money you can spend.

accordingly. You can specify the details of your custom cabinet design if you are certain.

Make sure you have beautiful glass details in your upper cabinets.

Make sure you have enough money to cover these details.

Focusing on simplicity or functionality is a good idea.

Prepare your home for sale. You may be able select more

You can save money on your remodel by using cost-effective materials

lower. A meeting with an industry professional is a great idea.

If you have any questions about your home, this is the place to start

You may be able to fit the cost and scale you need.

Are you ready to begin your project? Smart Remodeling is available.

Helping clients make their remodeling projects a success

years. We can help you too. Get in touch with us today to receive a complimentary assessment.

consultation (/estimating-your-project).

Are you still looking for a direction in design? We would love to hear from you.

Design services are free. Check out our Great

Kitchen Remodeling OFFERs (/offer/kitchen-remodeling-

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Get in touch with us. Let’s talk. (/estimating-your-project)


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