The Top 5 SEO Trends That You Can’t Ignore


The algorithms used by Google are designed to identify the most trustworthy and pertinent content available online. We may anticipate that SEO rankings will be more dependable and competitive by 2022. Additionally, we can anticipate high-quality content and quicker search engine results, both of which have been quite advantageous for online consumers.

The algorithms used by Google are continually changing and improving. We may anticipate that SEO rankings will be more dependable and competitive by 2022. This blog will provide important details on current SEO trends and suggestions for how to enhance any existing search engine strategies.

How Will SEO Look in 2022?

To guarantee that your content approaches are effective and yield the intended results, keep up with some of the most recent SEO Sydney trends. One of the best and most successful methods of bringing new clients to your website is search engine optimization. Keyword searches should produce more useful results in 2022 than in 2017. We anticipate more casual conversation-style queries now that voice search is available on the app store. While performing SEO, we need to pay more attention to the five fundamental techniques of branding.

Videos and photos can promote your post on rankings lists and draw in authors and readers who are focused on specific topics. Whether you are targeting a certain audience, using keywords correctly will help you achieve success and may increase traffic to your website.

Recent SEO Trends and Upcoming SEO Trends

We have outlined many of the most significant SEO trends throughout this post that you should take into account if you want to enhance your business’ internet presence and increase the exposure of your webpage.

1. Multitasking United Model

A powerful artificial intelligence called the Multitask United Model (MUM) can analyse text, photos, and video files in 75 different languages. It operates on a T5 text-to-text architecture, which would be over a thousand times significantly more efficient than that of the BERT.

MUM has the ability to comprehend the user’s intent, emotions, context, and abstractions. In response to the consumers’ inquiries, it offers pertinent responses and solutions. Including structured information in their web content can help it rank better. You can organise your information according to importance by using MUM.

2. Mobile-First Indexing

The technique of ranking a website’s mobile site higher than its desktop site in Google’s databases is known as “mobile-first indexing.” Approximately 75% of web users will exclusively access content on portable devices by 2025. In order to optimise your information for smartphones, mobile-friendly website developers are much more crucial than ever before.

Mobile-friendly websites should ensure that the website is accessible and usable on practically all kinds of devices. Useless mobile technologies like Flash should not be used. For such a mobile-friendly experience, they pay greater attention to metadata, designs, and information hierarchy on their website.

3. Voice Search

Google optimises speedy and pertinent brief replies in voice search engine results using Prominent Snippets and also the BERT algorithms. The SEO Agency Sydney strategy for 2022 that is predicted to change everything is voice search. Because mobile screens are lower than desktop screens, developers must take care to omit irrelevant things. 

You can start by including pertinent keywords in their existing material, in which you can offer succinct and pertinent responses to the queries of the potential customers. However, in order to improve your position and appear for your brief replies like Featured Snippets, users also create new material and consult with marketing professionals.

4. Extensive Content

Thanks to the passage indexing algorithms, Google now ranks certain word groups inside pages of search findings based upon that customer’s search terms. In this manner, Google is able to provide users with highly reliable search results in a matter of seconds. By using clear and understandable blog content, users can both show off their knowledge and raise their position in search results. For the highest odds of organic growth, you could also include in-depth and lengthy content about your services and goods. Regardless of the remainder of the blog’s content or the theme of the content.

5. Video Highlights

Video marketing has taken on an entirely new relevance as a result of Google’s latest statement. You may influence the SEO Sydney trends for 2022 positively with the introduction of two new structural data types, Clip Markup and Search Markup. All video platform services now include essential instant functionalities.

By hand-informing Google of your video’s timestamp and caption, you can manually use the clip markup organised data functionality. With some of this structured information, nevertheless, you may leverage key moments’ characteristics for their media content regardless of the video hosting site you use, including YouTube or Vimeo.

An automated feature known as “clip markup structured data” shows the timestamp and labels for important parts of your streaming video. Even then, the seek markup has been in beta, so other distinctive characteristics should be introduced to it very shortly.

In 2022, you should keep away from these SEO trends. Ineffective SEO Sydney practises can have a negative effect on a company and significantly reduce website traffic. You should take care not to use subpar and unsuccessful SEO strategies in your company’s internet marketing and advertising campaigns.

1. Keyword Stuffing

The Google algorithm has evolved to become much more rigorous and complicated. You should concentrate more on incorporating relevant long-tail keywords into your online content rather than stuffing it with keywords. To your audience’s eyes, that should appear relevant. To guide traffic on the website, there should also be a link from such an anchor.

Utilizing succinct and current keywords made it simple to dominate search results. Adding keywords to their sub-headings or themes can then be your main focus. By doing this, you may create helpful content without having to worry about a Google penalty or a tricky algorithm upgrade in the medium to long term.

2. Spam Comments

Your internet presence should include comment areas. Engage with them to find out a little more about consumers’ interests and values. Many businesses utilise this as a standard marketing strategy to increase website traffic. A major letdown can result from seeing spam remarks following each interactive session. To get clear of these kinds of comments, users must employ cutting-edge tools and strategies. Manually approving comments from trustworthy users, blacklisting dishonest and spam-related account holders, and requiring users to enter their identities and email accounts before making any statements are all options.

3. Improper UX

Your web page may never appear on the search engines’ ranking lists if it has high bounce percentages and visitors aren’t getting what they’re searching for. Your website’s ranking on search results pages depends on a variety of data that Google’s algorithm utilises. Utilise third-party tools that can help you enhance your internet presence or think about getting assistance from marketing professionals to add continuous modifications to your website.


Website optimization is just getting more perplexing, as the above list clarifies. The times of basically enhancing keywords and meta titles are a distant memory. With SEO’s latest things, you need to contemplate all that from voice control to video SEO. The right SEO tools can assist you with getting the data you really want to direct a brilliant SEO technique.


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