Things you should know before buying Sapphire Engagement Rings


Sapphires are both trendy and traditional gemstone choices for engagement. Many women these days have started choosing sapphires as their engagement ring. While, a variety of sapphires are now available, blue sapphire is most popular among people as it looks most elegant when worn as an engagement ring. If you are planning to buy a sapphire engagement ring, this guide shall tell you everything you need to know about sapphires. 

All sapphires are not blue 

There are a variety of colours in sapphire which includes yellow, pink, orange, green sky blue, and mauve. Sapphires come in almost all colours except red. You won’t find a red sapphire. However, among these colours blue is the most popular colour in sapphire. You shall find the best sapphire engagement rings Hatton garden.

How will you pick your sapphire ring?

The prices of sapphire vary greatly depending on the quality of the stone. Your sapphire ring needs to cover the four C’s and then you can be sure about the purity of the gemstone. The four Cs are Colour, Cut, Clarity, and Carat. These 4 C’s have been elaborated below.


It has been already mentioned before that the colour of sapphires is diverse. However, cornflower blue and royal blue sapphires are sought colours. You can judge the blue-coloured sapphires by assessing how intense and true the hue of sapphire seems. Always note that the higher level of consistency, the better the saturation, the better sapphire. 


Sapphires come with few inclusions. In fact, sapphires that have no inclusion should be doubted as synthetic because, whether you want it or not, sapphires have inclusions and their prices vary with the quantity of inclusions. If inclusions are light, it doesn’t affect the beauty and price. If its inclusions are strong the price would decrease. 


The cut is an essential aspect that makes a sapphire sparkle. Therefore, the cut determines how the sapphire was polished from its rough state. The grades which have been given to the cut are symmetry, windowing, extinction, and brilliance. 


Like other precious stones, sapphires are measured in carats. Larger gems are rarer than smaller gems and therefore their price is much higher.

How can you save money while buying sapphires?

Classic blue sapphires like royal blue or cornflower blue have considerable value. If your eyes have got stuck in a blue sapphire ring only, then you can consider lab-made or synthetic sapphire for your engagement ring. Synthetic sapphires are just like real sapphires and nobody can identify them with their naked eyes. They are created in laboratories under the same conditions as natural sapphire. The difference is, that synthetic sapphires are lab-made and natural sapphires are made by nature. The prices of lab-made sapphires differ from the price of natural sapphires. You can also avoid the popular shapes like round to save money while buying a sapphire ring. 

Sapphires offer meditative properties

Many might know and many might not, that sapphire is not just a gemstone, it’s also considered a meditative stone. Sapphire exhibits positive energy to the person wearing it. It has been known that people wearing sapphire rings gather a higher level of success and growth. It is also said that for people suffering from depression sapphire can also prove to be a mood enhancer. Another unknown fact about sapphire is that the colour of sapphire gets changed with different conditions of light.  

If you have already decided to buy a sapphire ring, then these facts about sapphire will help you to buy a perfect one. Along with sapphires, you can also look out for Hatton garden diamonds.


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