Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations in the World

medical tourism

With the rising costs of medical care worldwide. A lot of people are looking for alternatives to help them get neede health care at a lower price.

The medical tourism industry has proven to be an intriguing option for those who need high-quality health care at a fraction of the price.

Many countries now actively participate in the medical tourism business. And some of them offer a very compelling combination of competence and affordability.

The combination of competence and affordability attracts the patients from all over the world to come to these countries for their treatment.

Here is a list of the top 5 medical tourism destinations in the world:

1. UAE

The United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s fastest-rising countries.

The country has leveraged its most important export. Oil, into creating a country that has qualities expected from a world-class destination.

Not many may think of it as a healthcare hotbed, but UAE is considered worldwide as one of the hottest destinations to get healthcare treatment for a wide range of health problems.

UAE’s state-of-the-art infrastructure extends to its hospitals, which means those who will seek medical care in the Emirates are sure to experience world-class facilities.

Beyond this, medical practitioners in this country are highly skilled. Both locals and expatriates join forces to create a medical workforce that can rival the best the world has to offer.

2. India

Considered one of the epicenters of modern medical tourism, India is the most popular destination for medical treatment overseas.

The value of the medical tourism industry in India is worth over $4 billion.

Furthermore, this trend is expecting to become much stronger, with cities such as New Delhi, Chennai, etc boasting world-class health care.

The quality of top Indian doctors is top-notch, capable of rivaling some of the best the world has to offer. However, the main selling point of India as a top destination for medical tourism is still its price.

Certain procedures such as heart valve replacement can be availed in India at a price less than half of the cost the same procedure is done in a first-world country.

The medical tourism industry in India is big business, and its further rise is not expecting to stop anytime soon.

3. Thailand

Thailand is fast becoming one of the go-to places for medical tourism. It may not jump out at first as a destination where you should get medical treatment overseas, but Thailand actually boasts some of the best traits people are looking for when they are searching for a medical tourism destination.

More than just a country where you can get quality health care at a low price, Thailand is also a legitimate tourist destination that has something for everyone.

Medical tourism in Thailand is booming for a wide range of reasons. As mentioned earlier, the quality of their health care has vastly improved, with both their hospitals and medical staff now at par with the standards of the rest of the world.

At the same time, Thailand also boasts of one of the best alternative medicine and therapy systems out there. If you plan to get some much-needed medical care, enjoy the best facilities your money can buy, and get it at a much lower price, then Thailand is a destination to consider.

4. Malaysia

Malaysia is also fast becoming one of the go-to destinations for people who are in need of high-quality medical services.

This charming southeast Asian country now boasts of some of the most advanced health care facilities in the region, with both hospitals and manpower at par with global standards.

Beyond receiving high-quality care at a discount, medical tourism in Malaysia is also booming for other reasons. For one, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia.

There are so many places to visit that you and the rest of your companions. Have a lot of destinations to choose from.

Also, Malaysian’s English skills are strong enough that the language gap won’t be a problem.

5. Brazil

One of the most charming countries in the world. Brazil has all kinds of natural wonders that make it such a compelling place to visit.

However, it is also now starting to become known as a popular destination for people who are looking to comply with their medical needs.

Fast becoming one of the favorite destinations for people in need of medical care. Brazil is a legit medical tourism destination.

So what are the reasons why medical tourism in Brazil is booming?

For one, their health care facilities are fast becoming among the best in the world. With both manpower and facilities matching global standards.

Also, the price of medical care in Brazil is much lower here comparing to other countries.

For instance, the hip replacement surgery cost in Brazil is much lower than the cost of getting the same surgery in the USA. No wonder people are flocking to Brazil for their health care needs.

Those are 5 of the best medical tourism destinations in the world today. You cannot go wrong in choosing any of these countries to get your health care needs.

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