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Top 5 Myths About Broken Bones Busted


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Breaking a bone is no less than a nightmare for anyone. But when a person’s bone is broken, it is a very painful experience. But the thing here is that a lot of people do not understand what it actually feels like to have a broken bone. When a person suffers from a broken bone, all of the people sound him/her start giving different advice and treatment options that might work for the person. 

But the thing is, the best orthopedic doctor in Islamabad says there are a lot of myths associated with broken bones that can make it difficult for people to understand what actually is the case when it comes to broken bones. So, it is very important to stay informed and know the facts when anyone near you suffers from a broken bone. 

Let’s have a look at all the myths and facts associated with Broken bones. 

Myth 1:  If the bone is broken you will be in inevitable pain.

This doesn’t happen all the time. A lot of people do tell stories that when their bones broke they were unable to even breathe. This is all just exaggerated. Some people also say that they couldn’t even walk when a bone got broken, while others mentioned their inability to even sit. 

Well, there are chances that in some cases this might be the case but a broken bone doesn’t always mean that you’ll be in excruciating pain and will stick to the bed. So, do not believe in such myths. Always go for an X-ray if you fall or feel like there is a bone broken. 

Myth 2: You do not have to see a doctor if you break your toes

Well, how is this possible to not see a doctor when your bone is broken? It doesn’t matter if it is a toe or a pinky, you always have to go see a doctor when it comes to broken bones.

An orthopedic doctor can help you find the best form of treatment according to the condition of the broken bone. The medical staff after finding the exact cause can help you heal smoothly.       

There are definitely ways to treat fractures. Sometimes the only cure can be surgery. But this can be performed in case of a serious fracture. Even if the toe is broken at a weird angle, the doctor can always fix it as the doctor does for the other bones of the body. 

Myth 3: If you can move the bone, then it is not broken

This is one of the most common myths that has been spread pretty badly. It should not be believed and it is always a better idea to not move it. People usually say, “if you move it, then it means it is not broken.”

Well, a lot of times it happens that a bone that is already broken is easily moveable. The top three symptoms of a broken bone include swelling, deformity, and pain in the bone and the muscle. If you see that the bone that usually doesn’t poke through the skin is poking, then it means that there is a fracture or the bone is broken.   

So, there is no need to believe these myths that contain no truth in them. 

Myth 4: After the bone is healed, it is stronger than before

Well, as much as we all want to believe this. It is not true. Some of the bones become exactly like they were. Some of them can work exactly like they used to. Whereas others become more sensitive and prone to breaking than they were before. 

A few weeks into the healing process, the bone that is broken becomes stronger than it was before. But bone like collar bone, or any other weak bone doesn’t become more strong. So, do not apply the same information to the exact same bone. For some bones, it can be true but for others, it is completely different.   

Myth 5: A bone can heal on its own

This one is the most wrong health of them all. you always need to visit a doctor whenever there is a fracture or the bone is broken. A plaster, surgery, or proper treatment is always needed to bring the bone in its initial position. 

Your doctor can never go wrong in healing your broken bones. So trust them and do visit them at the right time as they can save your broken from transforming permanently into an odd shape. 


Broken bones can be painful and can cause a lot of pain. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions that are spread among us all which are basically not true. So, try and do your own research and find out what is true and what is not. Do not go for these made-up myths.


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